Astrological Analysis of Jupiter-Moon Connection (Gaja Kesari Yoga)

Astrological Analysis of Jupiter-Moon Connection (Gaja Kesari Yoga)

Astrological Analysis of Jupiter-Moon Connection (Gaja Kesari Yoga). Image Courtesy – YouTube

The Jupiter-Moon connection is placed in the category of extraordinary yoga in Vedic astrology. The name, fame and money are drawn automatically towards the native who born with this planetary combination. This planetary combination becomes effective when the Jupiter and Moon are situated in full effect and without any effect of malefic planets. If the Ascendant is in Cancer or Sagittarius or Pisces or Aries or Scorpio, it is considered with good effect.

In the 12 houses of a horoscope, if the Jupiter and Moon get co-existed in a house, it makes the Gaja Kesari Yoga. If Jupiter is sitting in the 4th, 7th and 10th house in the centre position from the position of the Moon also makes Gaja Kesari Yoga. This yoga is basically formed by the combination of Jupiter and the Moon. If Jupiter becomes the owner of the centre or triangle position, the effect of the yoga becomes optimum. Similarly, if the Moon is sitting in its own house, the effect of the yoga remains with the immense result.

This yoga provides miraculous results provided the Jupiter is not in 0o -1o, or 29o-30o, the Jupiter should not be debilitated, low powered and harmful for the Rashi. The house placement and degree placement are a very important thing for this yoga. In this case, both of the planets Moon and Jupiter below 1o and more than 29o is considered sleeping and not beneficial for this yoga.

The natives born in Gaja Kesari Yoga will have various qualities and status in life like politeness, consciousness, qualitative character, a follower of traditional values, multiple friends, liked by everyone, famous in the society, talented, bold character, meritorious, knowledgeable, having knowledge in multiple subjects, happy in family life, live life like a king, having children, wealthy, high ranked officer, multiple happiness, love to travel, love to eat sweets, remain physically fit, glamourous etc.

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The Jupiter-Moon connection in the 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house and 11th house also make this yoga, but the result will not be the same as the previous one. Similarly, this yoga is also formed when the Jupiter-Moon combination is in the 3rd house, 6th house, 9th house and 12th house. But, the potentiality of this yoga decreased in these cases because the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses do not support wealth, fame and affluent money generally.

Gaja means the elephant and Kesari mean the lion. Just as the elephant and the lion have immense courage and power, in the same way, having Gaja Kesari Yoga in the horoscope a person is respected in the society by attaining the high rank and prestige.

Now, I am analyzing the effects on the 12 Lagnas or Ascendants of a horoscope in this Jupiter-Moon connection (Gaja Kesari Yoga).

(i) Aries (Lagna or Ascendant)

Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio. Mars has a good relationship with both the Jupiter and Moon. Having the Gaja Kesari Yoga in this zodiac, the native becomes courageous and rational. The native overcomes his enemies and he becomes exceptionally well in the debate. Jupiter is a planet associated with high ambition and political acumen. Thus the Aries people get success in politics with the help of this yoga. The native will not hesitate to take a tough decision in any circumstances. The native will have a sufficient amount of money.

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(ii) Taurus (Lagna or Ascendant)

The lord of this Lagna is Venus and the Moon is the lord of 3rd house and the Jupiter is the lord of 8th and 11th house. Having the Gaja Kesari Yoga in Taurus Ascendant, one has an interest in religious works and becomes kind-hearted and bears a sense of benevolence in his mind. If the Jupiter becomes powerful and without connection to any malefic planet, the native can be benefited with sudden wealth and land etc. because the lord of 8th house denotes unexpected gain in powerful condition. The native will achieve success with his own effort due to the power of the Moon as it is the 3rd house lord powering with courage, willpower, own efforts, skills, communications and desire.

(iii) Gemini (Lagna or Ascendant)

The Moon is the 2nd lord in this Ascendant and the Jupiter is the 7th and 10th lord. So, the Jupiter-Moon connection will prove to be very beneficial in the Ascendant. Such a person will be a genius who cares for others. If Jupiter is sitting in a good position being the 10th lord, this Jupiter-Moon connection brings success in the life of the native to become a politician.

(iv) Cancer (Lagna or Ascendant)

When this planetary combination is formed in the Cancer Ascendant, the native becomes a scholar. Such a native becomes very popular where he goes. These people carry traditional values and take their loved ones along with them. These people believe in supporting the truth. Almost every desire of them is fulfilled. As this Ascendant is the exalted position of the Jupiter, the people also having Gaja Kesari Yoga in the Cancer Ascendant make novels and emotionally touching literature easily and they become attached to their family, security, and traditional values of life.

(v) Leo (Lagna or Ascendant)

Gaja Kesari Yoga formed in the horoscope of Leo Ascendant is very beneficial. It is as powerful as the Lion. The natives having this combination in Leo destroy their enemies, give happiness, create hope for life, make people fond of travelling and increase attachment to nature. People born in this ascendant get the courage to fight against the devilish forces of the world. Jupiter and the Sun are friends. Thus, this yoga promotes people to become religious and ethical and do everything in a big way.

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(vi) Virgo (Lagna or Ascendant)

The Jupiter-Moon connection is also beneficial for the natives born in this Lagna. Those who have this combination in their horoscopes have fearlessness, intellectualism, courage, righteousness, sociality and they are fond of justice. The Jupiter is the 4th and 7th lord and the Moon is the 11th lord i.e. the strong indicator of income and gains. Due to this, there is a possibility of getting the benefit of the Jupiter-Moon connection at the young age in the case of Virgo Ascendant.

(vii) Libra (Lagna or Ascendant)

In the horoscope of Libra Ascendant, Guru is the 3rd and 6th lord and the Moon is the owner of the 10th house. Therefore, the Gaja Kesari Yoga or Jupiter-Moon connection formed in this Ascendant gives mixed results. This native earns money by going to far-flung state or abroad from his birthplace. The person becomes stubborn and dictatorial in nature by the effect of this yoga.

(viii) Scorpio (Lagna or Ascendant)

Having this yoga in this ascendant, a native becomes skilled in his field and certain in his commitment. The native achieves victory in courageous works. Such a native attains a high status in the field of Police, Army, Air Force, Medical etc. These people are very popular due to their understanding.

(ix) Sagittarius (Lagna or Ascendant)

The lord of Sagittarius is the planet Jupiter. Jupiter has an important role in Gaja Kesari Yoga. Therefore, the Gaja Kesari Yoga formed in this Ascendant proves especially effective. If Jupiter is in a strong position in the native’s horoscope, the effect of the yoga will be able to bring full results. Such a native will be involved in religious activities. Often it is found that these people use to make good progress in the field of education.

(x) Capricorn (Lagna or Ascendant)

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn ascendant. Saturn and Jupiter have a good relationship with each other. Due to this reason, the Gaja Kesari Yoga formed in this Ascendant is considered beneficial. Saturn is a negative planet whose effect is in this Ascendant. If both Saturn and Jupiter are strong in the horoscope of this Ascendant, then you will get better result of this yoga.

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(xi) Aquarius (Lagna or Ascendant)

Gaja Kesari Yoga made in this Lagna also gives good result. This is also the sign of Saturn. The expenditure remains higher in this Ascendant. The native gets success in big projects and that is achieved with the help of friends. The desired works are completed by providing longer time into it.

(xii) Pisces (Lagna or Ascendant)

Pisces is the sign of Jupiter. Therefore, Gaja Kesari Yoga formed in this Ascendant helps in getting success. Such a native is knowledgeable about religion, a teacher who gives education and a social reformer who serves society and shows the right path. People with this yoga are hungry for respect and esteem.

This yoga is also very beneficial in Pisces, Sagittarius and Taurus. You will not get the benefit of this yoga if the Moon is in debilitated position or the Jupiter becomes retrograde. If the Ascendant lord becomes debilitated, then the effect of this yoga will decrease.

Gaja Kesari Yoga increases the native’s power of oratory. With its auspiciousness, wealth, prosperity and the possibilities of having children are also supported. Jupiter is the most auspicious planet among all the planets. Similarly, Moon is also called the planet of wealth growth. Gaja Kesari Yoga is formed by the combination of both the planets, gives a person the possibility of getting immense wealth. But the results of Gaja Kesari Yoga are not always the same for everyone.

The results of Gaja Kesari Yoga are affected due to many reasons. Many times this yoga is getting dissolved as a result of other yogas being formed in the horoscope. It needs a detailed analysis of the horoscope – the positions, Nakshatras, degrees, status of the two planets, connections and aspects of malefic planets etc. to declare a Gaja Kesari Yoga for a native.

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