Blue Whale Game or Black Hole Trap?

Blue Whale Game or Black Hole Trap?

Scary, spine chilling Blue Whale game engulfed the world, sent danger signals and shook us. Born in the murky social network of Russia around 2015 and circulating there on, it became an online suicide challenge. It is very painful to pen down how many lives were ruined. The inventor, named Philip Budeikin an erstwhile Psychology student who befell to be a psychopath killer.

The game was designed by the genius who targeted the young vulnerable minds. It is a program designed in such a manner where a person has to go through various levels of challenges. The last step was to draw a blue whale on hand and take one’s own life. The mastermind of the game said their aim was to wipe out the vulnerable minds.

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I am shocked by his deadly ability who has the power to transform the brain by dint of a game. Instead of erasing the anti social elements such as rioters, rapists or terrorists, they zeroed on innocent kids. They could have aimed the fake Babas who in the name of religion, misguide and gulp people’s happiness. In reverse, by not swallowing their lives he could have made the children’s existence full of zip via one game and imagine these youngsters could have celebrated their lives with vivacity rather than losing.

He could have been a social reformer. Now, people are getting panicked by the very appearance of ‘blue whale’ picture in the internet. This sickening suicidal game in the social media is making headlines for its sinister stamp. Now some more lethal games are cooking up in the social network. What I can say – insanity is at its peak.

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Parents and schools need to have a crucial role to play. They should spend more quality time with their kids and keep an eye on their schedule. Children should be shielded from such negativity. Since websites, social media platforms are uncensored young adults need to be aware of the foggy sides by their parents, relatives and schools.

Now, buttoning up – let us join hands and confront these toxic, noxious brains and avert catastrophe.

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