Why Kangana Ranaut burst on Hrithik Roshan?

Why Kangana Ranaut burst on Hrithik Roshan?

Why Kangana Ranaut burst on Hrithik Roshan? Image Courtesy – Bollywoodbubble & Youtube.

In “App Ki Adalat” – the television show by Rajat Sharma on Sunday, Kangana Ranaut blamed Hrithik Roshan. Kangana claimed that she has been in relation with Hrithik Roshan for 7 years, but their relation broke in 2014.

She claimed that she had never wanted to work with Hrithik Roshan on the movie “krrish3”. But, after a continued request of Hrithik Roshan for about 6 months, Kangana was compelled to signup for the movie ultimately.

Hrithik Roshan also threatened Kangana that he would publish all of her pictures and contents. After that, Hrithik published more than 1000 e-mails of Kangana. Hrithik also hired a criminal lawyer against Kangana.

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Kangana stated that she and her family suffered harassments from the police department. Police personnel came to her house and seized her mobile phone and laptop. Kangana told that she went to the office of the Maharashtra State Commission, but chairperson of the commission denied to help her because of Roshan’s family influence. The Chairperson of Maharashtra State Commission, Vijaya Rahatkar told Kangana that they are unable to do anything because Rakesh Roshan was a friend. Kangana told that she tried to contact Rakesh Roshan, but could not find any help.

Kangana said, “He (Hrithik Roshan) is nothing. He is only jumping with his father’s thousands crores of money. His father has lots of money and when a movie gets flopped, his father pushes him again. He is just a ‘Baap Ka Bigda Hua Aulaad’ (A Spoiled Child)”.

Kangana ask a question in this show – “why did he danced on her birthday party lot-lot-ke” (when Hrithik have problem with Kangana)? She said that it was a moment when Hrithik told her that he would marry Kangna before getting divorced to Sussanne Khan. But, after some weeks Hrithik turn around 180 degrees and told Kangana loudly “Did you tell anybody about our marriage? Forget about it”.

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Kangana asked several questions in this show –

Why Hrithik is hiding from Kangana in every place?

Why Hrithik is saying nothing?

Hrithik is 43 years old. Why he is hiding in his father’s shield?

Why his father is getting involved in their matter?

Those statements are from Kangana’s version. But, Hrithik did not answer all of those questions of her. He only told that on proper time he will reveal his statement. Truth will come out slowly and it will take time.

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