Importance of mobile technology for tourists

Importance of mobile technology for tourists

Importance of mobile technology for tourists. Image Courtesy –

With the use of smartphones day-by-day technology is engaging with various industries to give optimum benefits to people for their planning of outing whether be it a booking of hotel, restaurant or for travel package. Everything is done very easily through a smartphone, tablet or a laptop.

Online Booking:

To take into account the expanding interest of smartphone users, most airlines and hotels offer online booking systems that empower the travellers to book flights and hotels from their smartphones. Around 51.8% of digital travel booking originating from smartphones was reported in the most recent year. To provide their customers simple and easy travel booking, travel agencies need to optimize their websites for online booking through devices like smartphones. Fortunately, some mobile technologies like NFC, BLUE BITE etc. are presently accessible in numerous smartphones affordable by the common people.

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Geofencing Facility:

Geofencing is the utilization of the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite system as well as neighbourhood radio-recurrence identifiers, (for example, Wi-Fi hubs or Bluetooth guides) to make virtual limits around an area. The geofence is then combined with an hardware/software application that reacts to the limit in some form as directed by the parameters of the program.

The widespread appropriation of smartphones has put a GPS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth radio in the pockets of a huge number of people has pushed geofencing from a costly business hone into the domain of consumer application. An expensive tool for specific applications in the past is now free for developers to incorporate into their software as customers already has necessary hardware. Therefore geofencing abilities are flying up in everything from shopping lists to smart home control packages.

Mobile Wallet:

The utilization of mobile wallet will grow and begin to empower service providers to enhance and also rule through one-tap payment. Tourists hope to have a framework where they should simply click “purchase” for flight booking or hotel booking and the payment will be proceeded automatically.

Connectivity for Tourists:

It is very much important for the corporate tourists who frequently go out for business trips. They always remain connected to the internet through their smart devices. Many airlines companies have included on-board Wi-Fi services in their packages now a days so that corporate travellers can take full advantage of this opportunity.

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Could Passport:

In order to make each journey through airlines quicker and effortless, biometric passports are going to be started. Australia is already using biometric passports. Australia and the UK now issue new passport applicants with an ePassport. An ePassport contains a chip putting away data about the passport holder like their photograph, name, sex and passport number etc.

Australia and the UK now issue new passport applicants with an ePassport. Image Courtesy –

Holders of an ePassort can enter countries without addressing a customs officer, only with a machine which will decide you are fit to enter or not. However, they do not annihilate the issue of carrying a physical passport. The argument of cloud passport has been emphasized as they would enable people to go without a physical copy of their passport.

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