Qualifications of an Astrologer or Jyotish Acharaya

Qualifications of an Astrologer or Jyotish Acharaya

Qualifications of an Astrologer or Jyotish Acharaya. Image Courtesy – Wrike

Astrology; the greatest and oldest divine science of the earth was in a dormant condition for a long time. Lots of the part of the great science has been lost in the hand of crack/half-learned pongapandits/fortune-teller. Due to the question mark of these illiterate self-acclaimed fortune-tellers creditworthiness the great science has been losing people’s faith. But now the worst is over and the time has come for the revival of such great science. The subject qualification of an Astrologer can be divided into three broadheads.

1st Part of Qualification

For the revival of the Astrology – the subject should be taught in Universities, there should be a minimum basic educational qualification, proper exam, regulatory body and license system for private practice. The minimum educational qualification should be 12th Pass – with basic knowledge of Mathematics and calculation. As the maximum works of the Astrology have been done in Sanskrit, one desirable qualification should be there for Sanskrit also.

2nd Part of Qualification

Maharishi Parashara – the leading light of ‘Kaliyuga’ Astrologers – has laid down thevirtues and qualities that an Astrologer or JyotishAcharaya needs to have. These are given in BrihataParasharaHoraaShastra. They are reproduced below:

GaniteshuPraveenoYeh, ShabdshastreKritshramahNyayavidBuddhiman, Deshdikkalagyo, JitendriyaOohapohpaturHoraSkandhaShravanSammatah. MaitreyaSatyatamYatiTasyaVakyamnaSanshayah.”

Mathematical ability (GaniteshuPraveeno) – Mathematical competence is the bedrock of the astrological edifice.

A diligent linguist (ShabdshastreKritshramah) – Having mastery over language eases grasp of varying nuances of an axiomatic astrological “Sutra”.

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Nyayavid­– An astrologer needs to have the judicial balance so that he can synthesize conflicting indications of planetary witness and yet reach a sound judgement.

Buddhiman­ An intellect is probing, sharp and alive makes an astrologer vie with his own self for constant improvement. One who makes constant improvements especially learning from mistakes is really “Buddhiman”.

Deshdikkalagyo – One needs to be knowledgeable about the Geography, the tradition, the culture and the social conditions that are prevalent in the consulter’s area.

Jitendriya – An astrologer can exploit consulter’s innermost thoughts to gain monetary, emotional, and other advantages. Moral control and balance are a must.

Ooha-Pohapatu – The ability to look at an event from many angels, to illuminate different facets of an issue, to synthesize contradictions and conflicting views gives an astrologer incisiveness and clarity.

HoraSkandhaShravanSammatah – Knowledgeable in HoraSkandha.

Further, the qualifications given by Varahamihira to be a good astrologer briefly are as under:-

Purity- It is when there is inner purity that the reflection of planets on the heart stirs the rarest springs of the institution and then the astrologer with his saturated technical knowledge can proceed to interpret a horoscope, with humility and clarity of vision.

Efficiency – There is a technical and intellectual efficiency in approach to a super-science.

Gift of Gab – An astrologer should have the right command over the language through which he conveys his interpretations, and as a sympathetic counsellor, guides properly his clients.

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Brilliance – An astrologer has to illuminate a very vast data and come to a sound conclusion.

With inner quietude – He is like a yogi with his Chitta having been purified.

Fearless speech – Armed with a sound astrological insight into a horoscope he should have the ability to speak fearlessly in any assembly.

Should be able to hold his own in any company- In the company of other brilliant men he should be able to hold his own, and not to be eclipsed.

An Astrologer should have the capacity to interpret signs and omens. Astrology is a science of interpreting various astronomical sign hypothetically assumed in the Zodiac – which is again a hypothetical oval circle around the earth spreading in both sides of equator around 5 degrees in each side. Therefore, an astrologer should have the inner etiquette to interpret the inner meanings of the sign in combination with planetary and Nakshatradisposition in it.

Freedom of addiction – An addict disintegrates mentally; how can he then be of use to others?

Knowledge of Mantras for the propitiation of planets- Astrologer is linked to spiritual remedies that are based on Mantras. An astrologer should know the use of these Mantras for resorting clam and peace to distributed minds.

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The capacity of counter evil forces – There are evil practices indulged in by some persons to harm someone. An astrologer should also know how to counter this.

Should be a spiritual person – An astrologer must himself lead a spiritual¸ disciplined life.

Capacity to put intelligent questions- An astrologer should be able to elicit very helpful answers from persons and to interpret a horoscope deeply.

Useful Forewarning – An astrologer should give a very useful forewarning to a person and advice him properly as to the right precautionary measures that should be taken.

According to Barahamihira, an astrologer is actually a versatile, scientist, intellectual, psychologist and above an illuminant guide.Such astrologers must be rare who have all qualifications but those who have some of these are great qualifications can do so much to help the society.

3rd Part of the Qualification

Astrology is a divine science and therefore, one can’t grasp the subject fully without the help of divine power. To be a good astrologer one has to have the blessings of the Almighty in the form of some of the good planetary position in the individual Horoscope. Jupiter is considered as the greatest astrologer and Mercury is lord of calculation. Therefore, Jupiter and mercury should be well positioned in one’s Horoscope who aspire to be an Astrologer. Not only well-position but proper Dasha should be there at the proper time. Apart from this Ketu & 8th House of a Horoscope is a mystic planet & House respectively– therefore, the role of Ketu and 8th House in Astrology cannot be ignored.

Conclusion: Despite having all the qualifications mentioned above, one must keep in mind that Astrology is a pre-destined subject and some of the pre-designated persons in the world can actually learn the great science with the blessings of Supreme God.

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