10 Important Methods to Control Your Anger

10 Important Methods to Control Your Anger

10 Important Methods to Control Your Anger. Image Courtesy – MensLine Australia

Anger is a very common problem of human characteristics. Many people suffer from this problem. In anger, people do something that they later regret. Angry people even leave their jobs, beat up someone, break household things and have to face many problems.

Anger is a feeling like smiling, crying, feeling hungry, feeling emotional etc. If it is natural then there is no problem, but if you pretend to be angry or are angry with the instigation of something, then it is a serious problem for you.

Anger is a feeling that you cannot control, but still if you take care of some specific methods, whenever you get angry you can control yourself at that moment.

(i) If anger becomes a natural expression, it is not a problem

If you are simply angry, it cannot be seen as a disease. There are many emotions in our life. It includes laughing, playing, crying, feeling sad, getting afraid etc. When something is wrong with us, we show our opposition by expressing anger. If something is wrong and then you become angry then there is nothing wrong in it. This is completely normal. Often this mood fades away gradually.

(ii) There are genetic causes for anger

It is likely that there may be a genetic cause for anger. If your parents, grandparents or ancestors were very angry, then the tradition of anger naturally comes to the children. In this way, it can be very difficult to overcome this problem. Increasing the level of patience may solve this problem to a great extent.

(iii) Abstain from doing any addiction

Consumption of alcohol, smoking and other drugs should be stopped immediately in this case. All these things stimulate the brain. If you have been bearing any confusion or problem in your mind for a prolonged period, you can lighten your mind by sharing it to your friends, relatives and other people.

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(iv) Avoid consuming heat-producing food

People who consume food like non-vegetarian, garlic, onion, ginger, with more spices are likely to get angry because all these things increase the heat in the body. Those who are very angry should eat plain and less oily food. Such people should avoid milk also.

(v) Go to an undisturbed place

Different people show their anger in different ways. Some people tear off their clothes or some pick up their phones and throw them on the ground. Some people break household articles and some people beat up members of the house.

All these methods are negative. Many people leave immediately when they get angry and go somewhere in solitude and spend a few moments there. Many people adopt this method. It is very effective.

(vi) Listen to music

Many people listen to their favourite music when they get angry. This method is called ‘music therapy’. This method is also very good. This way you can easily control your anger. Psychiatrists also offer this type of counselling. The more the music penetrates into your mind, the more it pacifies your mind, which gives you a great feeling and you will get refreshed again.

(vii) Go for a Walk

After getting angry, one should go for a walk outside the house, office or any place. Going to a friend’s house or talking to him by phone is also a good option. Some people go to watch a film. In this way, you can reduce your anger by focusing your mind on something else. This method is also very good.

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(viii) Exercise and do Yoga

At least 45 minutes of exercise regularly is very much beneficial to control your anger. Yoga like Surya Namaskar, Sarvangasana, Masyasana, Dhanurasana, Anulom Bilom Pranayama, Kapalabhati Pranayama etc. keeps your body and mind fresh and fit throughout the day. Practising Yoga regularly helps to keep your mind tranquil.

You can also do swimming to reduce your stress, which will help you a lot in decreasing the anger. You can other physical exercises also to maintain your physical and mental health.

(ix) Get 6 to 8 Hours of Sleep

Anger comes only when the tension increases too much. Anger is directly related to stress. Try to have a sound sleep. Getting enough sleep improves your health. Due to less amount of sleep, you make yourself feel weak. When you sleep deeply, you feel fresh which increases your productivity.

(x) Consult a Psychiatrist

If you feel that you are getting angry more than the normal limit then it can be a serious psychological disorder. Anger becomes very high due to the deteriorating balance of the biochemicals in the brain. In such a situation you should consult a psychiatrist immediately. Their advice will surely bring you into the correct track of normal psychological order.

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