15 Methods to remain positive and constructive in life

15 Methods to remain positive and constructive in life

15 Methods to remain positive and constructive in life. Image Courtesy – Cleveland Heart Lab

Everyone knows that good times and bad times in life come and go frequently and during these periods they usually shake our mind.

“सुखमापतितं; सेव्यं दु:खमापतितं तथा |

चक्रवत् परिवर्तन्ते दु:खानि च सुखानि च ||”

Meaning of the Sanskrit sloka – Just as you enjoy the pleasure of the happiness that comes in life, in the same way, accept sorrow as well. Happiness and sorrow keep coming one after the other.

So, whatever be the time running in your life, you should always be positive and constructive to plan and proceed forward. Now, I would like to discuss some important tips to change your pattern of thinking to a positive way of life.

(i) Simple Living and High Thinking

Simple living and high thinking are not just words but they carry great meaning. Let me tell you in a simple way – simple living means avoiding all the necessary luxuries, not wearing costly clothing, not to show off your things that you have like your treasures etc. High thinking is a pattern of thought that actually make you rich. High thinking means that you lead a positive, optimistic, intelligent and smart life, and this is a thought process which leads you to achieve the higher pursuits of life.

(ii) Observe people who lead a low profile life

Many times we are living a good life. Even then, we see people matured than us. In spite of money, bungalows, vehicles, they are sad and think that they are very poor in comparison to their neighbours. But have you ever seen a man younger than you?

For example, a person selling vegetables or fruits on the street, a beggar begging, a labour to feed his family on daily wages after performing daily scheduled work, a farmer who works hard in the field bearing the scorching sun etc. When you see a man younger than you and living a low-profile life you will feel positive.

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(iii) Stay away from negative thoughts

Always try to avoid negative thoughts in your life. Even you will see that many people in and around your society talk negatively from morning to night; always thinking the dark side of a matter or an event or anything. You should always stay away from such people. You should make friends with people who are always happy and talk about good things and constructive things.

(iv) Practice Yoga and Meditation every day

You should do Yoga and Meditation to feel positive in life. In addition, you can do other physical exercises also. All these activities boost our blood circulations in the body and relieve stress from our brain.

After performing physical exercise, yoga or meditation you will feel completely free of stress and strain of life. Your mind will become fresh like a little boy. When you become stress-free, automatically positive thoughts come to your mind and you can think and plan about a better life. Nowadays centres for Gym, Yoga and Meditation are available in every small and big town. You can join anywhere to maintain yourself active and positive.

(v) Help poor people, donate as per your capacity

Whenever you are feeling negative in life, at that time you should do a good job like helping others, donating the poor people etc. Feed a poor person, give clothes, help people who are in trouble. When you do such good, humanitarian, honest work, you feel positive from your inside. But, never boast of yourself like political leaders after helping people. If you help people silently and without manifestation, Godly qualities will automatically come into you. This feeling will promote your positive energy.

(vi) Have a sound sleep

Generally, 6 to 8 hours of sleep is considered good. If you sleep well, you do not feel lethargic while working during the day. There will be energy within you and you will always feel positive. There is a phrase in English literature – “Early to bed and early to rise makes and man healthy, wealthy and wise”. That means if you get up early in the morning and start your daily routine work, and after performing the whole day you go to sleep early, your sleep will be sound and this habit will make you one of the most positive persons in the world.

(vii) Always be thankful to nature and people

You should be grateful. You should say “thank you” to others. We have found many things in life that many people do not have. Despite this, we never thank anyone. Nature has given us a lot. People in this society have also given us a lot. Those who are believer of God should thank him.

We should not forget that we are given our parents, given land to live, vegetables and various delicious foods to eat, we are being provided beautiful songs to listen; then we should never become ungrateful. We should be thankful for all good things. Whoever helps you and whatsoever help you get from anybody you must convey thanks.

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(viii) Do not think about your past, always focus on the present

Many people are lost in the past. They waste their present time remembering the bad things that happened to them in the past. This happens to many people. If you remain lost in the past, you will never be able to succeed in life. Therefore, it is better that you pay more attention to the present. Do not think again about what happened to you in the past.

You can take lessons from your past experience about the mistakes you have done or anybody did, but you should proceed into the future recovering the mistakes. Your thought pattern will be like this – past or history is the data that we can analyze to avoid mistakes and mismanagements in our future work.

(ix) The connection between a healthy body and positive thinking

You must have heard that the negative thing always comes in the mind of people who are sick. They have different types of sufferings. Therefore you should always insist to become healthy. Do not eat unhealthy, fried, roast and spicy food. Always try to eat in a balanced way.

Bad habits such as consumption of alcohol, smoking and other addictions do not help you to build a positive mind. Addiction drags the mind of a person to a different state, that is called a virtual state of mind and it has no connection with the real world. Gradually it leads to an unhealthy body. If your body will be healthy, then automatically your pattern of thoughts will be good and positive. Good thoughts will come to your mind and you will always be happy.

(x) Always read biographies of great people

There are problems in the life of every person. Some people face less and some people face more. There are many great men who faced a huge problem but they never gave up. If you read biographies of great people, you will notice that they faced such big problems in their life that you cannot imagine in your life.

Lives of some great men like Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, Swami Vivekananda, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr B R Ambedkar, Abraham Lincoln, Sylvester Stallone, Joanne Kathleen Rowling etc. are the burning examples for fighting back into the life. Whenever you feel hopeless in life, read biographies of great men, it is a great solution indeed, and you will become motivated immediately.

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(xi) Negative thinking is related to the problem

Whenever any type of problem occurs in a person’s life, he starts thinking in the negative direction. For example, if a young man is unemployed, he is not getting a job, he starts thinking that there is no ability or required qualification in him.

Some people do not have children, and they feel sad about themselves that they may have done something wrong in their previous life. In this way, when a problem arises, the person’s thinking automatically goes in the negative direction. You need to find a solution to the problem. Just worrying day and night will not solve the problem. Rather, you have to find a specific solution for that.

(xii) Avoid worrying all the time

Many people spend 24 hours worrying in vain. Negative thoughts keep coming in their mind like – tomorrow they will miss the job, where they will deposit the instalment of insurance, how to build a house, how to teach children etc. It is a type of disorder, doctors call it a psychological disorder. Often the doctors prescribe counselling for that. You can change your pattern of thoughts to avoid worrying in vain.

(xiii) Playing with little kids will refresh your mind

It is a good idea to refresh your mind playing with little kids. Because, the little kids do not have the negative qualities like worry, frustration, depression etc. They are full of positive energy and with a fresh mind. So, by playing with them for a while you will get so much of positive energy that you can convert into you daily work schedule.

(xiv) Listening to music that always attracts you

Music is one of the best therapies that a human being can use to energize himself. Whenever you feel sad or negative or worried, listen to good music that can refresh your mind. It will wash away all the negative thoughts from your mind.

(xv) Watching movie is another option for motivation

Watching movie is another option for motivation of a mind. When you watch a movie, your mind gets focused on the movie and that time all your negative thoughts go away for a while. If you choose to watch selective ones that are full of motivation it will definitely help you to overcome all your negative thoughts.

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