Why women empowerment is necessary for the society?

Why women empowerment is necessary for the society?

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If women empowerment is to be done in the true sense, it is important that we make women financially and socially independent. Not only this, it is necessary to focus the women who have worked for the empowerment of the society or have created their own identity. Then we have to recognize them and promote them by honouring them from time to time.

Dr V Shanta, an Indian oncologist and the chairperson of Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai, told that education and financial freedom would pave the way for women empowerment in reality. Women should leave such an impression in the society during their empowerment so that the impression affects others as well. Women should always try to establish them as a role model that would affect and inspire others.

In an occasion, Padmaja Chunduru, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Indian Bank, launched ‘i-Surabhi’, a special banking product for women. She said that women are a form of power. They should not forget their identity. She also told that there a change was needed to think towards women in the society. Along with the thinking of people in the field of employment, industry and business, women also need to change their own thinking.

Here are the 5 reasons that explain why every woman should be financially independent –

Freedom of mind

If you are financially independent then you can live your life according to your style. Empowering and supporting yourself fully, on its own, is true empowerment and freedom.

No matter how much we dispute, the truth is that money is the biggest matter in this world. Today’s world runs on the basis of money and it is impossible to live with a lack of money. A person, who has more money, naturally he is stronger than other in the society.

Financial freedom can come up to your rescue in the most difficult and unfortunate situations. Regarding marriage, a woman is more acceptable who has her own savings and ability to support herself. But, on the other hand, a woman who is completely dependent on her husband and has no means of caring herself, is comparatively less acceptable for marriage.

Many women, who are financially dependent on their spouse, find it extremely difficult to get out of the relationship they are not happy with, only because they do not have the way to live for themselves or with their dependent children. Sometimes they are bound to bear too many physical or mental afflictions.

So, even though financial freedom is not the magic solution to all the problems of a woman’s life, it can certainly solve many problems easily.

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Financial freedom builds self-respect and confidence

Monetary value is associated with self and confidence. Women who have the ability to nurture themselves and their families have the right to respect and equality in both their professional and personal relationships.

In her highly controversial book, ‘The Feminine Mistake’, Leslie Bennett told, that women who used to give up their careers to look after their children, also give up their financial freedom.

While this is not accurate for all, Bennett’s argument is true to a point. Women, who leave their jobs and stay home for many years and then think of coming back again, either face a lot of difficulty getting back to their chosen field or cannot get back to their old positions. This condition absolutely hurts their self-esteem very deeply.

Emergency situation in life

We do not know what the future holds for us, so we have to be ready to face anything.

The timing of divorce in life, sudden demise, unemployment or spouse illness can be infinitely difficult for women who, after relying on others for years or decades, suddenly find themselves empty. The biggest question for them is their own nutrition.

For this reason, all women should make a living, at least for themselves.

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Financial freedom is for own happiness

Every one of us deserves happiness. Unfortunately, in today’s world, many things that make us happy. Know that money is also needed to keep your feet out of the house.

Maybe you want a new dress or a small holiday or a nice little hair cut or maybe you want to donate to a social cause. Why do you always have to ask for money from your husband or parents or children? What will happen if they say no? You will feel really bad.

Would you not be happy if your financial situation is under your control?

Sharing spouse’s financial responsibility

Women from upper-class families do not come under social pressure to nurture their family. They can choose not to work because it is socially acceptable for a woman to be a housewife. But men generally do not have that option.

Men are the primary income producers by default and are expected to take care of their family’s livelihood, even if it means they have to do two to three tasks. It is financially inappropriate in reality because the entire family has to depend on a single earner. This not only puts a lot of pressure on the earning member, but it also causes uncertainty on the dependent members if any crisis arises. Whatever be the reason, financial freedom of a woman is the best thing in her lifetime.

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