Another Incident of brutality to animal in Assam, delayed arrival of the rescue team

Another Incident of brutality to animal in Assam, delayed arrival of the rescue team

Another Incident of brutality to an animal in Assam, the rescue team arrived later. Image Courtesy – Hindustan Times

Recently, a pregnant elephant died after eating fruit filled with crackers. Another incident happened in Himachal Pradesh similarly. A cow got injured in its mouth, presumably by firecrackers that exploded in the mouth.

This time, a leopard has been brutally killed in Assam. Villagers caught a leopard near the Fatasil Reserve Forest in Guwahati. The leopard was brutally beaten to death. The villagers have been accused of cutting the body parts of a dead leopard into pieces. His teeth have been uprooted. The foresters are shocked to see the pattern of brutal torture on the leopard.

According to the Forest Department of Assam, a total of five leopards have died this year. Earlier in April, four leopards died in Golaghat and Jorhat districts during the lockdown.

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Jitendra Kumar, a Divisional Forest Officer, Guwahati Wildlife Division, said that the injured leopard was trapped near the Fatasil Reserve Forest. He informed the Guwahati Zoo Authority as soon as it came to his notice. But by then the injured leopard escaped into the forest by freeing himself from the trap.

Jitendra urged the villagers not to kill the leopard. But, the villagers alleged that the leopard had attacked their chickens, cows and calves, chased the dogs of the village. Jitendra told that he left the area to find out why the rescue team was not coming. Shortly afterwards, the villagers received the news that the leopard had been brutally killed. His skin, teeth, nails have all been uprooted.

The body of the leopard has been sent for autopsy. Police have arrested 4 people in this incident.

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