Mallapuram has become the Heaven of Animal Cruelty due to inefficient State Government

Mallapuram has become the Heaven of Animal Cruelty due to inefficient State Government

Mallapuram has become the Heaven of Animal Cruelty due to inefficient State Government. Image Courtesy – Akshay Kumar, Twitter

After a pregnant elephant died of eating cracker packed pineapple prepared by the local people of the Mallapuram area of Kerala, the news has become viral in the social media and people of the country is expressing their anger like anything.

The animal rights activist, Maneka Gandhi, told that the government of Kerala never takes any case related to animal cruelty seriously. The former union minister commented on the twitter that Mallapuram was known for its tremendous activities of animal cruelty. Administration of Kerala did not take any measure in the past to check the action of cruelty. The administration has never taken any action to poachers or wildlife killers. Since they could only suggest anybody to call them or mail them in case of any complaint. After a certain time, they used to delete all the mails from their computers. So, gradually the number of crime increased to a certain level.

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The administration of Kerala is fully responsible for all the cruelties happen to the animals there. She claimed that an elephant dies in Kerala almost after 3 days. Maneka Gandhi attached a document file with her tweet about various actions of cruelty done in Kerala.

She has disclosed that around 600 elephants have been killed every year near the temples by breaking their legs, keeping them starved, beating them. Elephants are being used as private property in Kerala.

What private owners of the elephants do in Kerala is something beyond imagination. All we know that Kerala is one of the literate states in India. There an owner of an elephant, first of all, make insurance of it. After the insurance is done, the elephant is being drowned in water by chaining it with its four legs. In another way, the rusted nails are pushed into their body. The elephant becomes infected with gangrene and ultimately die. The owner of the elephant, then claims the insured amount from the insurance company. This is the burning fact of a literate state.

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Mrs Gandhi told that in spite of several complaints the administration does not take any action to the crime. A law to protect the elephants from being private property must be formed immediately otherwise this animal will become endangered very soon. Lawlessness on animal cruelty in Kerala has created the situation like ‘free to do anything with the animals’.

In this incident, the elephant died on May 27 after she ate the pineapple packed with crackers. The forest officials said that it died standing in the river Velliyar for 3 days after it agonized with the injury in its lower jaw. The elephant was then seen standing inside the river with her mouth and trunk immersed into the water, for some relief from the pain.

Forest range officer of Mannarkkad told that an FIR has been lodged against unidentified people under the sections of the Wild Life Protection Act on the incident. It is quite expected that all the procedure of legal action will go in vain, and the case will be suppressed by the state government as usual.

Reference: Twitter

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