How much potential is your horoscope to become a rich person?

How much potential is your horoscope to become a rich person?

How much potential is your horoscope to become a rich person? Image Courtesy – Capital & Main

Every person wants to become rich in life. A person becomes wealthy as soon as he is born and someone is made after a lot of hard work. Everyone dreams of being rich but only a few are succeeded. To become a millionaire by luck or by hard work depends on the deeds a native performed in his past lives, according to Hindu religion. If we examine a horoscope, we see that all the planets are located in the horoscope of the native by the power of the deeds of the native’s birth.

Therefore horoscope plays a very important role to become wealthy. If there is a possibility of becoming rich in your horoscope, then the way of getting wealth is made automatically. You do not have to work too hard for this. There are plenty of yogas in Vedic Astrology which help in making a person rich. Let us know some of the yogas in Vedic Astrology which are able to make us rich.

These yogas are formed due to different planetary combinations. Some yogas are powerful enough to make people affluent and famous. But, there are some highly dangerous yogas also that can ruin a life, and can make a native’s life hell. Examples of some good yogas are ‘GajaKeshari Yoga’, ‘Raj Yoga’, ‘Laxmi Yoga’, ‘Pancha Mahapurush Yoga’ etc. Some malefic yogas are there like ‘Kemadruma Yoga’, ‘Sakata Yoga’, ‘Kalasarpa Yoga’ etc.

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Here I am trying to focus on some of the planetary combinations found in several horoscopes that bring money and affluence to a native. All the houses discussed below are calculated from the 1st house, which is called the ‘Lagna’ or the ‘Ascendant’.

(i) If the lord of Ascendant creates a relationship with the lord of the 2nd or 11th house, and the relationship is formed in the centre or in a triangle, then the situation of a native becomes supportive to get affluent money.

(ii) When the Sun in the 11th or 10th house, Mars in the 4th and 5th house or planets are in the opposite position, which means they aspects each other, then the native acquires wealth from administrative services.

(iii) When the Jupiter is situated in Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces and Jupiter is also the lord of the 5th house and is sitting in the 10th house, such a native gets immense wealth from his daughter or son. This happens because the 5th house denotes the place of children in a horoscope.

(iv) In a horoscope of a native where the Mars is situated in the 4th house, the Sun is situated in the 5th house and the Jupiter is situated in the 5th or 11th house, the native gets huge wealth from ancestral property and agricultural work.

(v) If the owner of the 2nd house is situated in the high zodiac sign (powerful place of the planet), or the owner of the 2nd house is in conjunction with a benefic planet and situated in Centre or in a triangle and being high powered, or the lord of the 2nd house is aspected by benefic planets, the native becomes the owner of immense wealth.

(vi) If Mars or Saturn is sitting in the 7th house of the horoscope and if there is a planet other than Ketu in the 11th house, then the native receives incomparable wealth from business. If Ketu is sitting in the eleventh house then the native earns money from foreign connection because Ketu always denotes foreign connections in a horoscope.

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(vii) If the lord of the 11th house is related to the 1st house (Ascendant), 2nd house, or the 10th house or their owners, then the native gets the chance of wealth almost double in quantity. Such a native gets benefited from more than one source.

(viii) In a horoscope of a native where Saturn, Mercury and Venus are situated together in one house, the native makes immense wealth from business.

(ix) In a horoscope where Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are sitting together in one house, such a person becomes rich by becoming a high-level priest, astrologer, storyteller or head of a religious institution.

(x) In a horoscope of a native, where Venus, Moon and Mercury are sitting in a triangle position or in the centre, the native gets wealth. When Sun, Rahu, Saturn, Mars is sitting in other combinations like in the 3rd house, or in the 6th house or in the 11th house, the native gets extra wealth in the phases of Rahu, Saturn, Venus or Mercury in his life.

(xi) If Saturn is situated in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius in a native’s horoscope, the native earns immense wealth by becoming an accountant.

(xii) If Mars or Saturn is present in the 7th house of a horoscope and Saturn, Mars or Rahu present in the 11th house, then the native obtains money with the help of gambling or share market.

These are some of the planetary combinations by which a native can be benefited or become wealthy. One thing is to focus here that a planet gives the optimum good result when it is powerful. When a planet is weak by its position and affliction by malefic planets it does not give the optimum good result. Instead, it may give average or poor result.

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