Mercury – a very important planet in Astrology

Mercury – a very important planet in Astrology

Mercury – a very important planet in Astrology. Image Courtesy –

According to the analysis of modern science, the ‘Universe’ is composed of basic physical elements incorporated with electron, proton, neutron, meson, gluon, quark etc. On the other hand, analysis of spiritual science says that the Universe is composed of some basic delicate components like ‘Sattva Guna’, ‘Raja Guna’ and ‘Tama Guna’ – in one word it is called ‘Triguna’. Here ‘Tri’ stands for three and ‘Gunas’ stand for delicate components.

The planet Mercury is defined with a good and ‘Rajaguni’ trend. It is a natural factor of using intelligence, dexterity, speech, business as well as connected to the side of maternal-uncle of a native. It represents a dual nature, restlessness, impotency, but at the same time, it is an auspicious kind of planet.

Mercury gives a result like the other planet with which it is connected to. Take it as an example – when Mercury is attached to the Sun, it gives a result like the Sun – it then represents the native with several qualities like Name and Fame, Basic Personality, Consciousness, Vitality, Stamina, Ego, Courage, Political Acumen etc. If Mercury is attached with evil planets or debilitated planet, it gives negative results.

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 Mercury is considered to be a friendly planet with Sun and Venus. It is an enemy planet to Moon but keeps the same relation with Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Mercury is the owner of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury obtains the highest position at 15 degrees in Virgo but gets the lowest position in Pisces. Mercury is considered male and impotent planet and it is the owner of the north side.

Mercury is the owner of three Nakshatras – Ashlesha, Jeystha and Revathi. The favourite colour is green. Natives influenced by the Mercury are cheerful, imaginative, fond of poetry and music, interested in sports, education, writing genius, mathematician, technology expert, interested in enterprising and business commerce. Those who are influenced by Mercury, are good speaker, humour, poetry and satire lovers. Because of these talents, they succeed in salesmen and marketing profession.

A native, who is influenced by the planet Mercury, naturally gets a very beautiful and slim physique. Most of the time, it is observed that the native is tall and fair-complexioned with his beautiful attractive hair and nice way of talking.

Mercury represents – intelligence, information, technology, speech, expression, education, teaching, mathematics, logic, mechanics, astrology, accountants, ayurvedic knowledge, writing, publishing, dance, drama, capabilities to run a private business.

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Good effects of Mercury:

When Mercury is in a good position and powerful in an individual, several gestures of the individual’s character are observed. The native is skilled in the art of speech or any type of oratory. Mercury is a sign of knowledge and sharp wit. Therefore, natives of Gemini and Virgo have sharper intellect and they are also good in studies. Mercury is considered auspicious for business and health. Therefore, people of both the zodiac signs (Gemini and Virgo) are efficient in trading and their health is also mostly fine. Mercury assigns a native with sharper perception and with a sharper smelling sense.

Mercury influences mathematicians, travelling agents, secretaries, interpreters, information technology professionals, testers, poets, advocates, printers, publishers, orators, ambassadors, clerks, astrologers, travellers etc. Mercury is regarded as the ‘god of eloquence’ and commerce in mythology. Mercury confers a native with ability in astrology – though the combination of Sun and Mercury (‘Budhaditya Yoga’) may denote profession on astrology subject.  Connection of Mercury with 4th, 10th, and 9th houses also indicate profession as an astrologer. More type of job like sculpture, recitation, the composition of poetry, research work, business in cloths, catching birds and animals are also influenced by the planet Mercury.

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