Downloading a Facebook video from Facebook Video Downloader website

Downloading a Facebook video from Facebook Video Downloader website

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Many times when we see a video on Facebook, we like it, like a video with information, funny video or some good video. But we do not have time to watch that video at that time, in such a situation, we wish that we would have saved that video so that we could watch it later. Because, when we log in to Facebook later it becomes difficult to get the video or it may be that the person who posted the video deletes it.

If such a problem occurs with you too, today you will find the solution to this problem in this post. You will learn how to download videos from Facebook or, how to save Facebook videos. Now the steps that you will get to know here, you will be able to save a video of Facebook easily to your computer or laptop. We will follow some simple steps.

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When a Facebook user posts a video, they have the option of whether they want to keep the video public or private. Public video shared on Facebook is very easy to download, for this you have to go to one of the online Facebook video downloader websites.

To download Facebook video, first of all, you have to copy the URL of that video shared on Facebook. You can right-click on the video and click on this option ‘Show Video URL’ and ‘copy video URL at current time’.

Now after this, open one of these sites –

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Now paste the simple video link from the one you copied. Click on the download button there. A new webpage will appear in which the video will be there. All you can do is right-click on the video or left click on the triple-dot area at the right side of the video. A dialogue box will appear with ‘save video’ button – click on ‘save’ the save the video. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to download videos from Facebook easily.

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