Google’s artificial intelligence can predict heart disease

Google's artificial intelligence can predict heart disease

Google’s artificial intelligence can predict heart disease. Image Courtesy – Futurism

Google’s artificial intelligence has capability to carryout complex algorithms and can predict risk of heart disease looking through human eye. Verily had been jumbling with artificial intelligence.

Verily is the research organization of Alphabet Inc., formerly known as Google Life Sciences – devoted to the research of life sciences.

In their opinion, eyes are the windows of the soul. However, regarding artificial intelligence(AI), they would like to make prediction on heart disease. The up-to-date segment of the Verily software is an algorithm controlled by Artificial Intelligence that was published in a journal named Nature Biomedical Engineering.

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It is described in the journal that the software can evaluate scans of the black part of the eyes precisely and at the same time assume risk of cardiovascular problems of persons along with their age, blood pressure and gender.

While scanning with the help of a camera and microscope, the particular portion of the eyes (known as fundus), can be able to transfer information to doctors about the patient’s age, blood pressure, cholesterol level, whether they are smokers or not, and whether they are likely to suffer from heart disease or not.

The scientists pointed out that after observing nearly 3,00,000 patients, the system of the software was able to look at the retinal images of two types of persons – one who had suffered a cardiovascular problem in current years, and one who did not. The identification was 70% accurate and was comparable to the method of blood test that was a current method.

The scientists think that still there are limitations to apply it into the mainstream tests. But, results are promising and it will take time to become more accessible for the use of mankind.

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