How Will Technology Control the Future of Travel Agencies?

How Will Technology Control the Future of Travel Agencies?

How Will Technology Control the Future of Travel Agencies? Image Courtesy – YouTube

Consumer expectations and demands have been transformed with the rise of the technological age. And the travel industry is no exception to it. Technology will give us many new ways to enjoy travel in the next 5 to 10 years – from planning to going on the trip. Tomorrow’s travel adventures will not be like today and the only limitation will be our imagination.

Today, many travel agencies have already started using travel booking systems such as online air booking system and online hotel reservation system. These travel booking engines have become a must-have for each and every travel agency, as they let them manage everything – from transfers booking to sightseeing- all from one single interface. There’s much more than online booking engines. Let’s have a look.

Biometrics: With the increase in border control and safety, fingerprint, iris and facial recognition are being used in order to improve the security at airports around the world. Automatic Passenger Control (APC) kiosks have been installed in the US recently. It is used to photograph and take fingerprints of the arriving passengers and then match that with the biometric information which is stored in their passports.

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Customer power: Technology has made it possible for the travellers to have access to detail reviews about everything – from travel agencies to hotels, airlines as well as destinations. A good or a bad review of your travel agency can actually have a positive or negative impact on your business.

Composite materials: Advanced material such as carbon fibre is developed that can be used to build lighter and stronger aircraft parts. Today, larger aircraft can be created that can carry more passengers.

Powerful GPS: With powerful GPS in your smartphone, it’s now almost impossible to get lost. Geo-location and satellite navigation has made the traveller confident, as they can travel independently to anywhere they want. They can just trust the technology and start travelling to a new place. Want to know where to shop when on a holiday in a new destination? Want to know the best restaurant near the hotel you are staying? Want to know which is the fastest route to the airport from your hotel? Don’t worry. Your smartphone knows all these answers. All you have to do is to turn on the internet connection of your smartphone and you are good to go.

So, it will be observed by the people of the modern world, which technology will be the next big hit in the travel industry.

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