Transit effect of Rahu and Ketu in 2019

Transit effect of Rahu and Ketu in 201

Transit effect of Rahu and Ketu in 2019. Image Courtesy – Youtube.

Have you felt a gradual environment and atmosphere change around you from March to April 2019 without any real intention for such a change by you? Well, this is the subtle effect of Rahu (the dragon’s head) and Ketu (the dragon’s tail) that brings changes in life by changing our circumstances instead of actual changes in our own life.

This Mirrors & Shadows game is a unique Rahu and Ketu game played out every 18 months. This time it would continue till September 2020. To help you understand, let us take you back to 2000-2002 when Rahu-Ketu were posited in Gemini & Sagittarius respectively. During that transit, we saw the 9/11 tragedy – one of the most critical post world war events that changed the world and our lives forever.

Once again, the inconvenient changes are visible on the world platform with the crisis brewing in the middle-east with Iran, the general election result in India that swung midway in favour of the BJP leader Narendra Modi changing India, US positioned trade war with China & the rest of the world changing the world trade equations and in sports the Cricket World Cup & Wimbledon giving sudden unexpected results. The common thread in all that is happening around us is a sudden unexpected change.

How does this affect us?

Rahu & Ketu are now in their exaltation position, which means the changes on the world stage will mirror in your life. Life, as we know, will definitely transform over the next 14 months. Due to the strength of Rahu-Ketu this time, the changes would also be strong & unexpected, yet so gradual that we will realize a change has come much after your life has already transformed. Various transformations will happen in relationships, career, family, money, health – depending on what Rahu-Ketu influences in your horoscope.

The changes described above, if understood previously, can be utilized to your advantage.

A proper Rahu-Ketu Transit reading helps to evaluate your personal universe and identify the segment of your life that could change and clues on what to expect and plan for. This reading should cover the forecast, dates, timing of events, and evaluation of opportunity in these new times totally based on your birth chart.

Let us analyze the effects of Rahu and Ketu on various Rashi:

Effect of Rahu on Aries

The influence of Rahu is occurring in the third house in Aries. 3rd house of horoscope signifies courage, valour, relationship with siblings and friends; hence this change of Rahu will prove to be very beneficial for you. You will suddenly benefit from Rahu’s transit. The job hunt will end and any good work will be found. During Rahu transit, long journeys are also being made. Be careful in friendship.

Effect of Ketu on Aries

Ketu’s influence on Aries zodiac sign is happening in the 9th house as the house of fortune. The 9th house of the horoscope signifies family relations, relationships and natas. Ketu’s influence will not be good for you. In the next 18 months, luck will not support much. Take care of father’s health. Relation with the father may be affected. Health will not be good. Be cautious, there is a possibility of an incident. There will be no reason to fear in the mind. Expenditure will be higher than the income. To increase your wealth, you also have to work harder.

Effect of Rahu on Taurus

Rahu’s effect on Taurus will have transit in Taurus in the 2nd house. The second house of horoscope shows finance, temperament, education etc. During Rahu’s zodiac changes, people of Taurus should avoid investing in a business. Use caution in case of money transaction. Do not get entangled with spouse or anyone without any reason. Control anger and do not lose your temper when talking to family members.

Effect of Ketu on Taurus

Ketu’s influence on Taurus will be like 8th house in the horoscope. Being in the eighth house, you have to avoid ignoring health for the next 18 months. Even small problems can cause big problems for you. There is also a possibility of operation. You have to be careful with secret enemies. There can also be differences of opinion between family members. Health of close relatives will remain a concern for you. Expenditure will also be higher. Those who have an auspicious position of Ketu in their horoscope can get a sudden benefit.

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Effect of Rahu on Gemini

The influence of Rahu on the Gemini zodiac sign will bring effect as your third house in 2019. Rahu’s transit is happening in Gemini, so you may have to face many problems. You will have to take special care of your health as well as in your profession. Do not get entangled for any reason. Initially, you will be under stress, but do not be disturbed, keep your focus on work.

Effect of Ketu on Gemini

Influence of Ketu on the Gemini in the year 2019 will be like the seventh house in your horoscope. You can take long trips due to Ketu. You also have to be cautious about differences with your spouse. There will be tension in family life. Partnership work will be in trouble you these days. Someone close can cheat you. Your mind will be filled with turmoil.

Effect of Rahu on Cancer

Rahu’s influence on Cancer is like the twelfth house of horoscope. The twelfth house horoscope is associated with financial matters, so you need to be careful in financial matters. Changing the sign of Rahu can cause problems in your financial matters, avoid wasteful expenditure. While talking with your family members, keep control over your speech. Do not start any new work, face each situation wisely.

Effect of Ketu on Cancer

Effect of Ketu on Cancer sign has finished from 7th March; Ketu has been removed from your zodiac sign, which has become a matter of relief for you. You will get good success in the areas where you will try. Some blocked matters will also start opening. Time would be good for a job change or relocation. You will often get good news until 22 September 2020.

Effect of Rahu on Leo

Rahu’s effect on Leo is like the 11th house of the zodiac. The 11th house in the horoscope is associated with wealth gains and ambitions. Due to Rahu transit, you will get sudden money benefit. Your honour will also increase in your field. There will be some concern about the health of children. Life of married people will be normal; also they have to take care of their health. You should control your speech while talking to someone.

Effect of Ketu on Leo

The transit effect of Ketu is happening like the 5th house of horoscope. This will make you interested in technical subjects. You have to be careful in love matters. People longing for children can get the happiness of a newborn. The life of married people will be normal. Take care of your health. You may feel frustrated about saving. If you plan about a safe investment, you can get happiness by putting expenditure in the right direction. Planning for a long journey can be made. There will be a lack of coordination in the family.

Effect of Rahu on Virgo

Rahu’s transit effect is happening on the Virgo like the 10th house in the horoscope. The 10th house in the horoscope is related to career and business. Success will kiss your feet this time, so do not choose any shortcut to achieve success. Take special care of your parents’ health. Your financial aspect will be strengthened by the zodiac sign of Rahu, but be careful in money transactions.

Effect of Ketu on Virgo

Ketu transit effect is happening like the fourth house. Those who have been planning to buy a vehicle for a long time, their desire will be fulfilled in this period. You will be benefited in terms of money, but you also have to work hard. Take care of the mother’s health. There will be a tension in the mind because of family matters. It is advisable to control your mind in the field of job.

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Effect of Rahu on Libra

Rahu’s transit is happening in Libra as the 9th house. The ninth house of the horoscope is associated with luck, father and religion. Changing the zodiac sign of Rahu can harm you financially. You have to take care in the field of job and business, otherwise, heavy losses can occur. Not only this, but you also have to take care of your father’s health. Do not let your mental tension dominate you.

Effect of Ketu on Libra

This transit of Ketu will be good for you. You can get success by working hard. Material comforts will increase and you will be happy. There is also a good chance of getting pleasure of vehicle. The work will get completed which has been unsettled for a long time. Your income will increase, the financial side will be strong. Keep pace and balance with family life.

Effect of Rahu on Scorpio

The transit effect of Rahu is happening on Scorpio as like the 8th house of horoscope. The eighth house in the horoscope is associated with health. In the meantime, you will get an appreciation for hard work and efforts. During the transit of Rahu, you will get full support from your seniors and colleagues. Work politely in the future and plan a budget for your expenditures. There are also benefits in terms of money for you.

Effect of Ketu on Scorpio

Ketu will transit in the second house of the horoscope which will make you frugal and you will try to save money. But the money will come out like sand in your fist. Your spending will be more than your income. You will have mental problems due to unnecessary tension.

Effect of Rahu on Sagittarius

Rahu is transiting on the Sagittarius sign. It is the 7th house of the horoscope. The 7th house in the horoscope is associated with the love affair and marital life. Rahu’s transit can have a negative effect on your life. A dispute situation will arise with the spouse, so restrain your speech. You will have to avoid differences between your spouse as well as your family.

Effect of Ketu on Sagittarius

Ketu has been transiting on Sagittarius from 7th March. In such a situation, people will get more anger, so mental stress and complications have to be faced. Health will fluctuate. There may be a complaint of fever, blood pressure and headache. People may also be disturbed by diseases caused by bacteria and virus. Be careful from Dogs. These 18 months of Ketu transit will be very much expensive for you.

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Effect of Rahu on Capricorn

The transit effect of Rahu is happening on Capricorn as like the sixth house of horoscope. The sixth house of horoscope signifies finance, health and enemy relations. You will get financial benefit from the change of Rahu, as well as you will get special progress in the direction of career. Time is good for women. People have to take creative ways to meet business goals. But, need to be careful about enemies.

Effect of Ketu on Capricorn

Ketu will leave the sign of Capricorn from 7th March, which will give some relief. But due to the transit of Ketu in the 12th house, your expenditure will increase. But, you will be satisfied due to expenditure in auspicious works. There are chances for health hazards. It is important to take care of food and drink. Beware of enemies. Near and dear ones will behave like strangers.

Effect of Rahu on Aquarius

Rahu’s transit effect on Aquarius will felt like 5th house of horoscope. The fifth house in the horoscope is considered a symbol of child, happiness and wisdom. Rahu’s transit will give you financial benefits. Some good news is expected from the side of your children. Do not lose your temper under any odd circumstances. You will get full support from parents and spouse. Do not get involved in someone else’s quarrel.

Effect of Ketu on Aquarius

Ketu will transit on the Aquarius like the eleventh house in the horoscope. It will be good for you. Monetary gains are likely to remain normal. But, there are chances of increase in amenities. The pressure of work will be more on you. But you will be excited and happy by getting favourable benefits of hard work. Sometimes family issues can be worrying. Overall it will be better for you.

Effect of Rahu on Pisces

Rahu’s transit effect on Pisces will be like the fourth house of horoscope. The fourth house in the horoscope is considered for vehicle happiness, wealth and property. Rahu’s transit can have a negative impact on the financial side, workplace and family life. Special care has to be taken for health. The burden of responsibilities may increase in the workplace, colleagues are likely to help. Avoid luxury.

Effect of Ketu on Pisces Transit of Ketu in Pisces will feel like the tenth house. Due to this effect, you will get the benefit of diplomacy and sharp intelligence in the job field. You will be successful in defeating your enemies and opponents. There may be some auspicious work in your house which will increase expenditure.

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