Using Colour with horoscope – an important strategy in astrology

Using Colour with horoscope – an important strategy in astrology

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Different colour can be used to maintain balance the elements in the universe. Those who lack fire tend to need reds and oranges, lack of water calls for blues and pinks, earth need greens and lastly air needs yellows. While  working with planetary colour healing is a way of using the planets and their colour rays to balance our mental, emotional and physical conditions. If a planet is weak in the natal horoscope, that colour may be called for in a general sense and should be worm more often, as well as used in other forms of colour healing. It may be as the particular planet is weakened at this time through a transit, for example, Saturn making a difficult aspects to Mars might deplete Mars energy and call for added reds.

The colour of “VIBGYOR” are – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Violet – is related to Neptune and Pluto. violet is the highest vibration of visible light. Its rays are stimulating to the nervous system. It enhances mysticism, spiritual intention and idealism.

Indigo – is related to Neptune. The indigo ray is associated with pineal gland which influences the organs of sight, hearing and smell. It has an anaesthetic effect, making one insensitive to pain while being fully conscious.

Blue – is related to Mercury and Uranus. It relieves itching and irritation and is used for fevers, fast pulse and inflammatory conditions.

Green – It is the colour of heart chakra and is midway between the warm and cool end of the spectrum, it is the colour of balance, harmony and peace. it is also the colour of abundance and may be used to attract prosperity of all levels.

yellow – It is a colour related both to sun (in its goldew hue) and to the planet jupiter (because of its association with bile). Yellow stimulates the motor nervous system which energizes the muscles. it activates the production of bile, thus acting as a laxative.

Orange – It has an affinity with the planet Saturn. It is used to treat calcium deficiencies as well as to build bones. it is also a lung builder and respiratory stimulant.

Red – It is related to Mars. It is warm colour and thus acts as a stimulant. It improves circulation and activates the nervous system which energizes all our senses. It increases hemoglobin in the blood.

Colour healing is extremely helpful in working with and learning to transform our transits, traits to our natal chart constantly change and transform our field of aura. Long-term transits have different effects on the aura.


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