Role of planets to become a film star

Role of planets to become film star

Role of planets to become film star. Image Courtesy –

At present, it has become a fashion to get admission in film institute so that he or she becomes a film star after passing the examination from the institute. Actually speaking, it is not a fashion but students become crazy to go through the course, as they must have the planetary combination or vibration of planets by which they have the aptitude to complete the film course.

As per astrology, planets play a vital role in this juncture. Planets like Venus, Moon and Mercury should have benevolent strength in the respective charts of the native. Besides these, role of Sun plays the role to get wide reputation whereas Jupiter favours to become wealthy. Locations of these planets are pivotal to get the right effect.

If these planets occupy 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th houses they will achieve all-round success in the film career. If these planets posit just opposite to the aforesaid house will also play the similar effect i.e. in 7th, 8th, 10th & 11th houses from the ascendant. If any of these planets cover own house, exaltation, vargottam, they will give more strength, boosting and power to achieve their goals in film career at ease. For clear clarification of this topic, I would like to explain some of the horoscopes as a token of example how to find out the combination of planets, strength and favour to remain in film career.

1. Amitabh Bachchan:

Ascendant – Pisces, Moon Sign – Libra, exalted Jupiter, Mercury in ‘Budhaditya Yoga’, debilitated Saturn, Venus – lord of 10th/Ascendant Jupiter and 4th/7th lord Mercury have powerful position in the chart; whereas Moon occupies the house of Venus in Libra. He became very popular in the film career due to the localisation of these planets in the chart.

2. Raj Kapoor:

Ascendant and Moon Sign is Cancer, own house Jupiter, Venus, Moon, and exalted Saturn. The 6th/9th lord Jupiter is in 6th house with 2nd lord Sun and 3rd/12th lord Mercury. In the 4th house 7th/8th lord Saturn exalted with own house Venus, lord of 4th/11th house. The 5th/10th lord Mars is located in 9th house. His career in film from acting to production and direction is superb due to vibration of the planets, which I explained in the commencement of the topic.

3. Kamal Hassan:

Ascendant and Moon Sign is Pisces, Exalted Jupiter, Saturn Mars, debilitated Rahu and Ketu. Moon occupies 1st house, Venus in 9th, Jupiter in 5th house, Sun and Mercury in 8th house with Saturn. The 10th lord Jupiter is exalted in 5th helped him to rise in profession. The 12th/11th lord Saturn is exalted in 8th denotes public money and 8th lord in 9th means public contact. Rahu in 10th house helped him to climb to the public status in acting.

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4. Elizebeth Tailor:

Ascendant – Virgo, Moon Sign – Scorpio, own house – Saturn, exalted Jupiter and Venus, lord of 2nd/9th Venus is exalted in 7th house made her famous actress. The 1st/10th lord Mercury involved in conjunction has yielded good results. The 4th/7th lord Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, Moon Sign that favoured her reputation and wealth throughout her life.

5. Smita Patil:

Ascendant – Aries, Moon Sign – Libra, own house – Venus, Mercury, exalted Saturn, Mercury ‘Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga’ formed in the 7th house which made her great actress. The 1st/8th lord Mars in 6th, Rahu in 8th, Jupiter in 5th (sorrow due to issue) was the cause of her early death.

6. Madhuri Dixit:

Ascendant is Sagittarius, Moon Sign is Pisces, own house – Mars, exalted Venus, Rahu and Ketu. She has the Jupiter, lord of Ascendant/4th in the 7th house. She is very fortunate and happy with her husband. She is very popular in film division.

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7. Mala Sinha:

Born on 10-11-1936 at 01/50 A.M. with Ascendant in Leo, Moon Sign is Virgo, own house Jupiter, Saturn, debilitated Sun, Rahu and Ketu. She was a film actress with wide reputation due to Saturn in 7th house forming ‘Sasa Mahapurusha Yoga’. She has acted in many Hindi films.

8. Sree Devi:

Born on 18-08-1963 at 5 A.M. with Ascendant in Cancer, Moon Sign – Taurus, own house Jupiter, Saturn, Exalted-Moon – both Ascendant and Moon Sign falls in female rashis. Most of the planets are in female rashis. ‘Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga’ formed due to location of 9th lord Jupiter in his own house aspecting 10th lord Mars in the 3rd house. ‘Sasa Mahapurusha Yoga formed due to location of Saturn in the 7th house. She had a good husband and late marriage. The above combination of planets made her reputed in film industry.

To conclude, astro-lovers will have to collect the location of Venus, Moon, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter in the respective rashi charts to assess the role in the film career.

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