Placement of House & Remedial Measures in Vaastu

Placement of House & Remedial Measures in Vastu

Placement of House & Remedial Measures in Vaastu. Image Courtesy –

Peace, progress and prosperity of a person living in a particular house depends upon how the house was constructed, where it is constructed and how is the atmosphere around it etc. There are small things on which individual’s present and future is depended.

In vaastu shastra some remedies with simple reasons are suggested which do not warrant any radical measures but with these small amendments, changes or reforms, misfortune may be changed into mighty fortune. House constructed or situated in different positions radiates both positive and negative energy inside the house.

House on ‘S’ turning:

Buying or making a house for residential purpose on ‘S’ turning is very auspicious but not at all suitable for professional/business purpose. ‘S’ turn is lucky and confirms wealth, property and prosperity. One must check that sunlight is enough inside the house and air flows freely, unhampered.

House on ‘L’ turning:

The inmates of the house live in on the sharp-edge of a knife creates a dangerous situation. This house will be always on the verge of the unforeseen accident. As remedial measure, the main entraince of this house should be built in a corner instead of being in the middle. In addition to this a small fencing may be put up outside entrance.

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Hose outside semicircular road:

A house outside semi-circular road or path would not be auspicious. As remedy, small bushes may be planted between main door of the house and the semicircular road. This remedial measure will reduce the ill-effects to a quite substantial limit.

House inside a semicircular road:

According to vaastu this is an excellent position where owner of the such house will be wealthy and earn lots of property and enjoy great honour, prestige and fame. Chances of better results are enhanced if flower bearing plants are planted.

House at the end of V-shaped road:

House at the junction where ends of two v-shaped roads meet is very inauspicious. This house is harmful from the point of view of finance and health, both of which remain poor and weak. This kind of house radiates negative forces. Remedy is to built the main door at this junction with transparent glasses. Two doors of the house may not be kept open at the same time.

Big gate infront of the house:

This is not an auspicious foundation which is an obstruction that leads to psycological implications. It produces a mood of disgust. The remedy lies in shifting the main entrance of the house and beside this an octangular mirror should be set at the main door, which reflects back negative rays.

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House in front of hospital or graveyard:

This is an unfavorable situation. Some members of the house might even get some mental perversion or disorder. Normally people living in such house suffer from insomnia. As remedy a night lamp lighting all the time would be ideal if the bulb is put in the prayer room.

House outside a circle:

It the house is situated outside a circle is considered very good and the creation of such natural circumstances are good for health. The people of this house gain health, wealth, property and prestige. This house is auspicious from all point of view.

House with roads on all the four sides:

This is not a favourable situation and it invites so many problems. However rich the house-owner may be, his savings will be almost zero. As remedy, the threshold of the main entrance is raised high by 2 inches by which financial situation may be strengthen.

House infront of a church or temple or mosque:

Though church, temple or mosque are sacred place and a person may find lot of peace of mind but house situated exactly opposite to these sacred structure is not a good indication. The family members will not be considerate, at the same time impatient and hot tempered. Atmosphere inside the house will be marred by frustration a mental couflicts. There may be unexpected untimely death in house due to various reasons.

Highway at back of the house:

In such situation a man spends all his money energy and not able to save anything. The best remedy is put an octagonal mirror which will reflect negative every which can save the members of the house form any problems. Mirror should be placed behind back wall of the house.

Electrical equipments infront of house:

It is highly improper. Electrical wires, dishantera, transformer etc, are some of such instruments which destroyes the original positive energy. As remedial measure they should be either shifted or removed from, putting up holy plants on the outer side of the house and covering the doors and windows with curtains can be good remedy.

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