Astrological analysis of stroke/heart attack

Astrological analysis of heart stroke/heart attack

Astrological analysis of heart stroke/heart attack. Image Courtesy –

What’s the difference between a heart attack and stroke?

A heart attack occurs when blood flow to a part of the heart is blocked, usually by a blood clot. Without oxygenated blood, the heart muscle begins to die. A stroke is a brain attack, cutting off vital blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Stroke happens when a blood vessel feeding the brain gets clogged or bursts.

Astrological combinations for heart attack.

Heart trouble combinations as per jatak saradeep:

(1) Aspect of Saturn on moon or Saturn in dagdha rashi from sun (The sign that does not belong to sun or does not have its  nakshatras).
(2) Sixth lord if not under the aspect of Jupiter and is in dagdha rashi and nakshtra from malefic.
(3) Malefic in 6th triggers heart trouble due to vat trouble.
(4) Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in 4th indicates a wound on heart area or heart trouble.

Other combinations in classics for heart attack

Sarvartha Chintamani – (Heart Trouble)  Moon in Taurus / Cancer along with Malefics or Satrun.
Sarvartha Chintamani – (Heart )Moon + Mars + sun without benefic aspects.
Shambu Hora Prakasa – 14 (Heart) – pains during day times Jupiter aspected by Combust or  weak mars + 6th lord along with benefics & malefics + Sun in scorpio.

Veerasimhavaloka Heart ailments Saturn in 4th house.

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Astrological Indicators as observed:

Planet sun – Heart, Moon- Chest area and blood, Mars- Arteries, Saturn – Veins, Jupiter cholesterol, Saturn- Blockage – Blockage happens due to inflammation caused by Mars. For blockage (Mars + Saturn+ jupiter Link)
The 5th house 11th House Axis and Leo Aquarius axis responsible for circulation.

4Th house and moon for chest area and blood.

The usual parameters – 6th lord, 8th and 12th lord. 64th navamsa lord and 22nd drekana lord.
The Leo/Aquarius axis, the 5th/11th house axis and malefic therein. Sign Sagittarius for arterial system and Jupiter as the lord of the sign. Sign cancer is also important here in this equation of heart attack.
Leo / Aquarius: The Circulatory Axis

Body Parts:  heart, arteries, veins, peripheral vascular system, legs, calves, spinal column, thoracic spine, sympathetic nervous system.

Leo / Aquarius is the Circulatory Axis, and involves all manner of heart, circulatory and cardiovascular pathologies, like heart disease, hardening of the arteries, poor venous return, varicose veins, strokes, apoplexy and infarctions.  Leo is the heart and core of the circulatory system, whereas Aquarius is its periphery.  Between them, they shuttle the blood back and forth.

Heart attack – The most common cause of a heart attack is sudden narrowing or blockage of a coronary artery, which blocks oxygen to the heart. This can happen when plaque in the coronary artery breaks and a blood clot forms in the artery. Plaque is a buildup of cholesterol, white blood cells, calcium, and other substances in the walls of arteries. Plaques are covered by a fibrous cap. If a sudden surge in blood pressure occurs, if the artery suddenly constricts, or if something else such as inflammation is present, the fibrous cap can tear or rupture. The body tries to repair the tear-much as it does to stop the bleeding from a cut on the skin-by forming a blood clot over it. The blood clot can completely block blood flow through the coronary artery to the heart muscle. This will cause a heart attack.(information gathered from WEB MD).

Chart 1

This chart belongs to Waylon jennigs country singer (source astro data bank). On 12/12/1988 he had a triple by-pass heart operation. Lagna axis 5/11 ( signs), Ruler of health be both sun and  moon, it means the horoscope be judged from both sun and moon for medical reasons. Jupiter is lord of 5th house signifying arteries and 8th house signifying chronic ailments in exchange with Saturn is lord of 6th and 7th, disease indicator as 6th lord and maraka as 7th lord. There is an exchange between 3rd and 10th lord Venus and mars as lord of 9th and 4th.

4th house is RKA, 5th house is under aspect from Saturn and sun significator of heart and spine. Mars establishes the relationship with Jupiter and Saturn thereby indicating blockage in arteries. Dasha sequence at the time of surgery was Dasha sequence – Jupiter – Moon- Saturn at the time of triple bypass surgery in dec 1988. Moon is weak and malefic in this chart, sun is in dagdha rashi. Lord of 64th navamsa is moon and 22nd drekana Jupiter. Transit Saturn was in Sagittarius 5th from moon and ascendant, Rahu ketu in Aquarius /leo. Seat of disease – ascendant is 3rd from sun disease in neck to waist area. Drekana method – Asc in first drekana planets in 10-20 degrees represents the seat of disease here 6th lord Saturn falls into this and represents neck to waist area. Method of William Andrews 6th lord in 2nd part denote the area of heart and chest. Sun of 1 degrees and moon of 29 degrees are both ineffective planets in this chart being hylegs of life force here.

Heart trouble combinations as per jatak saradeep – (2)  Sixth lord if not under the aspect of Jupiter and is in dagdha rashi and nakshtra from malefic, here 6th lord Saturn is in exchange with 8th lord Jupiter.

Chart 2

6th lord mercury is in ascendant with 12th and 9th lord Jupiter (in exchange with mars 1st and 8th lord) 6th lord in ascendant denotes a native will be highly susceptible to onslaught of diseases. 4th lord moon is in 8th under aspect from Saturn, 5th lord sun is badly placed in 12th house with mars. Association of Jupiter, mars and Saturn points to blockage in arteries. The native suffered heart attack in 1991 at the age of 27. Dasha sequence Venus-Mercury. Lord of 64th navamsa Saturn 22nd drekana moon. Transit Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Leo and rahu in Sagittarius and ketu in gemini. Placement of Saturn in Aquarius indicates a problem in circulation as Leo /Aquarius. Seat of disease drekana of ascendant falls in third drekana this means that planets in 0-10 degrees will represent neck to waist area, lord of 6th mercury is in this drekana degrees thus seat of disease below neck above waist. Nakshtatra method jyestha again points to neck to waist area. The native of this chart suffered from heart attack in 1991 at the age of 27. Dasha of Venus – Mercury, venus is lord of 2nd and 7th both of the maraka houses and mercury is 6th and 3rd lord.

Points to look for – 5th /11th axis and Leo/ Aquarius axis. 5th house under malefic aspect, 5th lord badly placed with natural malefic, Sun/Mars generate excess heat in the body. 4th lord is badly placed and under aspect of saturn . The bhava whose lord goes to 6, 8th or 12th suffers. Gulik in lagna is also bad for health. If Sun is weak + Leo is afflicted = vulnerable to the diseases of heart, spine, stomach etc. and lack of stamina.

Chart 3

Here 6th lord is in ascendant with gulik, again a stressful combination for health, 8th lord is in 4th, 4th and 5th lord in RKA. Moon and sun both are under malefic aspect of Saturn and Mars, 4th and 5th house are also under malefic aspect. The native suffered from fatal heart attack in June 2017. In this chart again we have Leo /Aquarius axis under malefic impact and are in RKA. Dasha sequence at the time Moon-Moon, Moon is 8th lord here. Transit Saturn (retrograde) in Scorpio over natal sun, the significator of heart. Rahu/Ketu transit over their natal positions Leo/Aquarius and also over lord of 4th and 5th houses. 64th navamsa lord sun, 22nd drekana moon. Here seat of disease cannot be established by any of the methods, as all methods indicate the seat to be above neck it may be possible that due to anxiety and excessive worrying nature the disease could have started from the head and brain itself. The 6th lord in ascendant is under considerable influence from gulik, Mars through, Rahu and Jupiter. So the influence of 4th and 5th lords coupled by bad transit of Saturn and Rahu/Ketu eventually brought in the heart attack that proved fatal.

Chart 4

Chart 5

Sun, the significator of heart is under aspect from jupiter the lord of 6th and so is the 5th lord Mars, 4th lord Venus is under heavy malefic aspect (Rahu and Saturn). Moon, the lagna lord is in exchange with 4th lord. Bhav chalit chart given in extreme left gives the clearer picture and stress areas and clearly shows the stress area as Leo/Capricorn axis again. The event happened in nov 1988 dasha sequence was Venus-Mercury-Jupiter. Transit Saturn in Sagitarius over natal jupiter is 4th from moon, 6th from ascendentand 8th from saturn. Transit rahu in Aquarius and Ketu in Leo. Lord of 64th navamsa Jupiter 22nd drekana Mercury. Seat of disease lagna is 12th from Sun neck to waist area. It was a fatal heart attack. The chart belongs to john Mitchell John Mitchell died in the evening on 9/11/1988 at George Washington University Hospital after suffering a heart attack on a sidewalk in Georgetown. He was 75 years old. John Newton Mitchell (September 15, 1913 – November 9, 1988) was the Attorney General of the United States (1969–72) under President Richard Nixon. Birth data from astro data bank.

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If Sun is weak + Leo is afflicted = vulnerable to the diseases of heart, spine, stomach etc. and lack stamina.

Chart 6

Chart 7

Jupiter as lord of 6th aspects 5th house lord mars, Saturn as lord of 7th and 8th house is conjunct sun, moon is under aspect from rahu in 2nd house. Leo/Aquarius axis is in RKA. Saturn also aspects lord of 4th house Venus as well. So in all affliction of 4th and 5th house lords and Sun and Moon is established. The native died on March 6, 1982 of heart failure. Dasha sequence. Mercury-Mer-Jupiter. Transit Saturn in Virgo, Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius, Jupiter in libra. Lord of 64th navamsa mars 22nd drekana Saturn and Rahu. Bhav chalit chart shows the stress area as Leo/Aquarius axis. The native has ascendent lord in 6th with 3rd and 12th or mercury, it is said that the house whose lord goes to 6th, 8th or 12th suffers here lagan or house representing physical body, 3rd representing vitality and 12th denoting sleep and rest all suffer. The chart belongs to ayn rand the famous author of masterpieces like fountain head and atlas shrugged. Data source astro data bank . if Sun is weak + Leo is afflicted = vulnerable to the diseases of heart, spine, stomach etc. and lack stamina.

Chart 8

General rule is that effect of the bhavas suffer whose lords are in 6th 8th or 12th. Here 2nd lord moon is in 6th in RKA with mars and Jupiter. Saturn as lord of 8th debilitated in 11th aspects 5th lord Venus, while Rahu aspects 4th lord and Sun. Lagna is 12th from sun the disease is in neck to waist area. 4th house is aspected by 6th lord through Jupiter. The 5th house is under saturn’s 7th aspect. Dasha sequence at the time of attack – Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury. Lord of 64th navamsa mars, 22nd drekana Venus. Transit Saturn in Libra (5th house) in 12th from moon. Rahu in Sagittarius and Ketu in gemini in 1/7 axis over natal horoscope, Ketu over natal 5th lord Venus. Transit saturn was in 5th and transit ketu on 5th lord. The 5th house and lord signifies the area of heart, thus the attack. The horoscope belongs to inventor of penicillin Alexander fleming. Source of data – astro data bank. If Sun is weak + Leo is afflicted = vulnerable to the diseases of heart, spine, stomach etc. and lack stamina.

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Chart 9

Lord of 6th is ascendant with 2nd/3rd lord Saturn and lord of 1st and 4th lord Jupiter. Retrograde mars is in Leo. The 6th lord and 2nd lord aspect Mars lord of 5th through Jupiter. Moon as lord of 8th is under the aspect of troika of planets placed in lagna. Sun is with 7th lord and badkesh mercury in 2nd. Here the 4th house is under the aspect of rahu and mars, 5th house by troika of planets in 1st house through Jupiter. Ascendent is 12th from Sun the seat of disease is neck to navel area. Lagna is in 2nd drekana, so planets in 20-30 degress represent the neck to navel are, 6th lord Venus is in this cattegory. Dasha sequence at the time of heart thrombosis ( clot of blood stopping the supply of blood causing the condition of heartv attack).

Here Sat, Jupiter Mars combo responsible for blockage. Dasha – Venus-Sun-Venus (nov 1960 ). Venus is lord of 64 navamsa is venus and lord of 22nd drekana is Mars. The chart belongs to Clark Gable, the noted actor of hollywood (data source astro data bank). Transits – Saturn and Jupiter in Sagittarius, over there natal positions, Rahu and Ketu in leo aquarius. On the night of 11/16/1960, his doctor looked in on him at 10:50 PM.

He looked up from the magazine he was reading, flipped a page, and slumped back, dead of a final cardiac thrombosis.


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