Hazards of Termites in human life

Hazards of Termites in human life

Hazards of Termites in human life. Image Courtesy – https://www.news-journal.com

Termites or white ants are called ‘silent destroyer’ of human life, because they destroy home appliances and can damage almost all wooden materials with no sign of damage immediately. They consume cellulose-based material that can be found inside a home everywhere.

Termites are very common in tropical countries and they use to breed and survive in warm weather. They are closely related to the ants with their structure and nature of living in large colonies.

The most primitive Termite known is ‘Mastotermes Darwiniensis’ from northern Australia. ‘Mastotermes Darwiniensis’ lives in the dirt in homes comprising of up to 1000 000 in number, and has been portrayed as the most damaging insect in Australia. The sterile labourers live for 2-4 years while essential sexuals live for no less than 20 years. The sterile workers build their nest and search for food, they take care for the Queen and the eggs and younger children as well.

Soldiers are stucturally defenders of the home and happen in almost all genera. Most of the time they are of either sex. It is observed that Termitidae soldiers can be constrained to one sex, males in the Nasutitermitinae, and females in the Macrotermitinae and Termitinae.

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These termites can be treated with special skill. It requires masonry drill, pump, high capacity tank, soil treatment rod, liquid pesticide etc. It is quite a difficult job without professional experts.

There are two general classifications of termite treatment, fluids and snares. Soil-connected fluid termiticides have been around for quite a long time. Their motivation is to give a dependable substance hindrance that rejects termites in the ground from entering structures. By and large, termites in the structure cease to exist too, since they cannot come back to the dirt. Most previous items were repellent instead of deadly to termites scavenging in the dirt. More up to date materials, for example, Premise® (imidacloprid), Termidor® (fipronil), and Phantom® (chlorfenapyr), are non-repellent and termites burrowing into the treatment zone are executed. By and large the non-repellent items are turned out to be more solid in their capacity to determine termite issues in the main endeavour. All enrolled Termiticides (both anti-agents and non-repellent) can be compelling, notwithstanding, and property holders ought not construct their buying choice with respect to item alone.

The other expansive treatment class is teasing. Termite snares comprise of paper, cardboard, or other agreeable sustenance, joined with an ease back acting substance deadly to termites. The snares are introduced subterranean out in the yard in barrel shaped plastic stations. Others are infrequently put inside finished dynamic mud tubes. Scrounging termites expend the draw and offer it with their nest mates, bringing about a steady decrease in termite numbers. On a few properties, lures may constitute the main type of treatment; on others, they might be joined with fluid applications; to ranges where termites are watched.

Termiticides are tried widely for unfriendly consequences for well-being. Prior to an item can be utilized, various examinations are directed by the maker and autonomously assessed by the U.S. Ecological Protection Agency. In light of the present assemblage of learning, enlisted termiticides represent no huge danger to people, pets or nature when connected by mark headings. Regardless of the insignificant well-being hazard from a legitimately performed termite treatment, individuals with waiting concerns ought to counsel their doctor. The vast majority of the more current fluid items have basically no smell. Customers who are as yet troubled might need to consider having their home treated with snares.


Pesticides that are suggested in this article are registered for use only in United States of America. The use of some products may not be legal in your state or country. Please check with your local agent or regulatory official before using any pesticide mentioned in this article.

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