Insects are getting lost from the earth, alarm for human civilization

Insects are getting lost from the earth, alarm for human civilization

Insects are getting lost from the earth, alarm for human civilization. Image Courtesy –

Several statistics show that the number of insects is slowly decreasing from the earth. In the last 30 years, the number of insects in the world has decreased by 25%, which is really alarming for the ecosystem.

Some of these endangered species are again in critical condition. There are many insects in various parts of South America, South Asia and Africa but, no proper statistics of the insects is available currently. Very few people are caring for them to preserve.

According to the laws of nature, human civilization is, directly and indirectly, dependent on these insects. The insects have a greater role in the ecosystem. Insects can quietly re-use environmental wastes, produce trees, help in cultivation etc. By doing these activities they maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

Scientists from about 73 different researches recently say that if this rate of loss of the insects is not brought under control in any way, human civilization will face destruction. Although this study says that aquatic insects are somewhat less affected by this danger, but the total ecosystem is not out of danger.

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Scientists say that insects are losing their habitat because of the aggressive construction of urban civilization. Climate change is taking place due to human activities, which is having a very bad effect on these insects. The use of various chemicals in agriculture is also increasing damage to the insects. Scientists also say that Insects will also be affected by the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

It is the insects that help to decompose a dead body or plant in a very short span of time, and basic components of the decomposed body easily returned back to nature. This is one of the main functions of an ecosystem.

People of Mexico could have seen a specific species of butterflies, named ‘Monarch’, to migrate there in billions some 20 years ago. But, now they are seen in and around 57 million. The administration of USA has taken several steps to check the decline of the butterflies in number. They planted a kind of herbaceous American plant with milky sap along the migration highway of the butterflies, just to attract them.

This kind of step to rebuild the environmental situation is just a trial, at least a small example for a country. The rest of the world is still left to create natural environments like this to provide friendly habitats to the insects. People throughout the world need to be very careful. Otherwise, one-day humans will be endangered in the heart of the world by losing these small animals.

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