Problems in the eyes and its analysis in Vedic Astrology

The problems in the eyes and its analysis in Vedic Astrology

The problems in the eyes and its analysis in Vedic Astrology. Image Courtesy – Mayra Arzon MD

Human Eye is so important in the visible world that it is the media with which we see the external world. There are two major planets which are responsible for creating disturbances in the eyes – the Sun (Ravi) & the Moon (Chandrama). So the problems in the eyes are analysed here in the light of Vedic Astrology.

“Ravi Jagatasya Atma”

Chandrama Manaso Jataha

Following are the few yogas in Vedic Astrology which causes power, blindness, cataract in human eyes.

1) If the Lord of 2nd house conjoins with Saturn, Mars and Mandi the native will be Netra Rogi (eye disease). If many malefics are posted in the 2nd house and Saturn aspects the second house then there will be chronic eye problems.

2) if a malefic is in the 1st house (Lagna or Ascendant) or the 12th house the native will be blind eyes are always will be closed.

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3) If Sun is with malefic in the 12th or in a trine then there will be no lustre in eyes of the native.

4) if Venus is with malefic in second or 12th house the native shall be one eyed or of poor vision.

5) When Moon and Mars fall in same degree the native shows a mark or spot in the eyes.

6) If Moon and Sun are aspected by malefics or when they are positioned in the houses of retrograde planets or occupy 6th, 8th or 12th native shall have crooked eyes.

7) If malefic is in Ascendent or in the 12th house the native will be blind.

8) The native will suffer from eye problem if the Lord of 6th house is owned by retrograde planets.

9) If the 8th lord and Ascendant Lord occupy the 6th house, the native will develop trouble in the right eye.

10) If the Venus is in 6th or 8th house of the horoscope, the native will have problem in his right eye.

11) If Saturn, Mars and Gulika conjoin with the Lord of 2nd house, the native suffers from eye disease. 12) If malefic planets are in the 2nd house from Lagna (Ascendant) and aspected by Saturn, the native may suffer from disease and injury.

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