Joe Biden will announce the USA cabinet tomorrow

Joe Biden will announce the USA cabinet tomorrow

Joe Biden will announce the USA cabinet tomorrow. Image Courtesy – The Economic Times

Joe Biden will announce the USA cabinet on 24 November, 2020 Tuesday as he was scheduled to take his charge on January 20, 2021. Joe Biden has laid the first foundation of his administration instead of the former President Donald Trump’s refusal.

Joe Biden has elected Ron Klein as the White House Chief of Staff. Rhone told that Donald Trump has been rejected by a record number of Americans, and since then Donald Trump has been denying democracy. Biden has received more than six million votes in comparison to Donald Trump.

In the state-by-state electoral college system that determined the victory of the election, the figures of 306-232 were given. Ron Klein informed that the people would know about the first appointments of the Cabinet on Tuesday. However Ron Klein refused to fill the options and positions.

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Biden shortlisted the names of the candidates such as Federal Governor Lael Brainard, Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, Sarah Baloom Raskin, a former Fed Governor and Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Rafael Bastick. Biden’s colleagues have indicated that he may announce his selection for Secretary of State this week.

Former national security adviser Susan Rice and veteran diplomat Antony Blicken are being seen as candidates for the post. Klein informed that in view of the corona virus epidemic this time, the inauguration of Biden’s cabinet would not be as vibrant as it has been in the current traditions.

The opening ceremony and its related events are very crowded but, the cases of corona infection and people dying of the disease are increasing rapidly in many areas of America. Klein said that we know people want to join this celebration but we want to celebrate this event within safety protocols.

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