Special Status of Hong Kong is taken away, Chinese students will not be allowed, says the US

Special Status of Hong Kong is taken away, Chinese students will not be allowed, says US

Special Status of Hong Kong is taken away, Chinese students will not be allowed, says the US. Image Courtesy – Deccan Herald

Tensions with the United States over China have been rising since the Corona epidemic spread around the world. US President Donald Trump announced two steps against China. Firstly, Hong Kong’s special status will be taken away. Secondly, not all Chinese students will be admitted to American universities from now.

In addition, the United States and Britain have jointly complained to the United Nations Security Council that China is about to pass a highly controversial security law in Hong Kong. In response, China said that Hong Kong should not be discussed in any international forum.

Trump told a news conference at the White House that China had treated Hong Kong unfairly. The city was a place of pride in the world for a long time. Since the former British colony went under the control of China, it has lost its place. Trump said that it was a tragedy for Hong Kong, China and the world.

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Trump also said that the United States was detaching ties with the World Health Organization. The reason was that the organization had taken a stand for China in the Corona crisis. But, Donald Trump has never once criticized Chinese President Xi Jinping. The US president has said more than once before that he has a friendly relationship with Jinping.

On Friday, Trump made it clear that he had instructed the administration not to give Hong Kong any special status or privileges. Simultaneously, Trump has instructed that if a Chinese student has a connection with the Chinese military, he should not be admitted to any American university.

In his words, the secret agents of China have been stealing secret information from our various industries year after year. Many leaders in Trump’s Republican Party demanded that Chinese students should not be admitted to US universities on a number of issues. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said that there were more than 1,000 cases against Chinese secret agents. Allegedly, they stole technically sensitive information.

The US president has warned China to cut off the whole relationship earlier this month. He has proved that he is proceeding towards his commitment.

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