Religion & religious saints of India – part 12 (Bamakhepa)

Religion & religious saints of India – part 12 (Bamakhepa)

Religion & religious saints of India – part 12 (Bamakhepa). Image Courtesy – Gramho

Continuation after 11th phase…

Sadhak Bamakhepa was born on February 24, 1838, at 7:10 AM (12 Phalgun, 1244 Bangabda) and it was Krishna Trayodoshi Tithi. At the time of his birth, Ascendant was in Pisces (Meena), Moon Sign in Aquarius (Kumbha) and Nakshatra was Shatabhisha.

Saint Bamakhepa was born in the village of Atla near Shaktipeeth ‘Tarapith’. His mother’s name was Princess and his father’s name was Sarbananda Chatterjee. Bamakhepa was different from childhood in comparison to ordinary children. While ordinary children loved to go to school and play, Bamakhepa kept busy in bhajan-kirtan and religious activities.

His parents were financially weak and they did not like these habits of Bamakhepa. His mother, however, often told him religious stories. As age progressed, Bama’s spiritual conscience became more and more powerful.

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Actually, Bamakhepa’s name was only Bama but seeing his behaviour stemming from his hidden spiritual powers, people started calling him Bamakhepa by adding ‘Khepa’ with his name, ‘Bama’. Khepa usually said to mean crazy or insane person. In this way, Bama has now become Bamakhepa.

Rashi Chart, Navamsa Chart and Vimsottori Dasha of Bamakhepa.

Ascendant – Pisces (Meena)

Moon Sign – Aquarius (Kumbha)

Nakshatra – Shatabhisha

Yoga – Sanyasi

Vargottam – Sun, Mars, Uranus

In the Natal Chart, he has Saturn in Scorpio (9th house) and five planets (viz. Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon and Uranus) located in 12th house from the Ascendant having aspect of Jupiter from Leo which indicates the ‘Sanyasa Yoga’ and achievement of huge occult power to peep into the transcendental scenario who was born in Krishna Paksha and Trayodoshi Tithi.

As per public opinion, Sadhak Bamakhepa used to utter the name of ‘Maa Tara’ and was seen in the burning ghat adjacent to Tarapith Kali Temple. During the Eighteenth Century, many saints, avatars and religious personalities were born.

Sadhak Bamakhepa or ‘Bamdev’ was a reputed and simple-minded monk who achieved a massive occult power and used to speak to Goddess Tara. Bamakhepa survived for a prolonged period as per the record.

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One of the miraculous stories of his life

One day, Bamakhepa’s mother passed away. The river was flooded with water. The village was across the river. The mother will be cremated at the crematorium near the Mandir of Goddess Tara. The villagers knew that there was a danger of their life in crossing the flooded river. But nobody was able to make it understand the matter to Bama.

Baba asked the boatman to take the body across the river. The boatman flatly refused. Baba asked to give the boat. Still, he refused to give the boat and said that it was the only support of his life, and he would not run his family if the boat is lost in flood.

The mysterious smile shattered in Bama’s face. He picked up his mother’s body and reached the other side walking on the river himself. The villagers were astonished to see the scene. According to Bama’s wish, he performed the cremation of his mother at the crematorium near ‘Maa Tara’ temple.

Bama asked the people of his house and the people around to invite all the people around the village for the death banquet. All considered it to be madness of Bama and stay quiet. He who had no way to arrange bread even 2 times a day, how would he feed food to the surrounding 20 villages. It was completely beyond thinking.

When no one was ready to give the invitation, Bama left alone. He invited everyone to the nearby 20 villages for the death banquet. All the villagers started reaching Tarapith to see how this mad man would feed so many people at the lunch to complete his mother’s rites.

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The villagers remained astonished when cereals, vegetables etc. started coming towards Tarapith by filling them in bullock carts since morning. A convoy of bullock carts reached near the temple. There was a pile of grains and vegetables. Those who came also started cooking. The whole area was filled with smelling of the tasty of delicious food by the noon.

In the meantime, the sky began to cloud. Nature also took a violent form. Lightning began to blow, winds started blowing and heavy rain was expected. Bama arose from his place and surrounded the entire place by making a circle with bamboo poles.

Automatically rain started in the total area. But not a single drop of water fell inside the enclosure. The villagers could see that the part where they are sitting and eating was dry, and thick drops of water are pouring out of that circle. Water currents were flowing from the ground. But, the entire area in which the banquet was held was completely dry. All the people came from 20 villages ducked and dined. Everyone was satisfied after eating.

Now, it was time to return to their village. Seeing the pouring rain, everyone was worried thinking that it would be difficult to go back.

Bama presented his request to ‘Maa Tara’ and in a few moments the sky completely got cleared and sunshine started. All the people reached their respective villages very easily.

After this incident people came to know about the supernatural power of Bamakhepa. Gradually, the crowd started growing in Bamakhepa’s ‘Tarapith’. If someone had come ill, he would have recovered if Bamakhepa turned his hand on him. The childless people would have got children. Wishes of all the visitors began to be fulfilled after coming to ‘Tarapith’.

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