Extraction of a speech of an Astrological Conference, Kolkata

Extraction of a speech of an Astrological Conference

An Astrological Conference held in Kolkata, participated by many eminent Astrologers to deliver their speech. One of the important topics is described here.

Before going to describe that, let us discuss about the supernatural human or “Kalpurush” very shortly. In ancient time our Astrologers imagined “Kalpurush” as an “Ideal Man”, thus described 12 Rasis as different parts of the Kalpurush’s body.

1.    Arise    –    Head of the Kalpurush
2.    Taurus –    Mouth & Eyes of the Kalpurush
3.    Gemini –    Chest, Shoulders & Neck
4.    Cancer –    Heart of the Kalpurush
5.    Leo     –    Stomach
6.    Virgo    –    Waist & Buttocks
7.    Libra    –    Lower Abdomen, Sex Organs  and Pelvic Region.
8.    Scorpio-    External Genital
9.    Sagittarius-    Thighs
10.    Capricorn-    Knees
11.    Aquarius –    Starting under the Knees up to upper of Ankle
12.    Pisces –    Feet

It is said that to make diagnosis of a disease one has to find out the 6th house in a Horoscope of a person. Then he has to find out the Lord of the 6th house and with which Nakshatra(Star) and in which house the Lord of the 6th house co-exists from the time of birth. Which other planets are situated in that particular house and which planets are giving sight to that house these factors are also should be included. So to predict a disease some features are to be noted:

(i)                Finding out Lagna, Strength of the Lagna Lord, Auspicious or Ominous sight on the Lagna, or co-existence, Auspicious or Ominous sight on the Lagna Lord, one has to analysis the power of living and also the strength of Sun which is the supplier of power of living in a patient (Jataka or Jatika).

(ii)              With which Nakshatra (Star) Lord of the 6th house is co-existed, Auspicious or Ominous sight on the 6th house Lord or co-existed with other planets and which planet is giving sight on the 6th house, to be found out.

(iii)            Calculating Main Phase and Sub-Phase of the 6th Lord, the 6th house is to be analysed in 2 ways. (a) 6th house of the Kalpurush and (b) 6th house of the patient (Jataka or Jatika).

Calculating these 2 ways and along with 8th house, Birth, 7th house, Situation of the 2nd Lord and 12 house, one should make a decision.

Now, we will discuss which planet is responsible for which disease.

1.    Disease for Sun – Heart trouble, Headache, Disease of Brain, Biles, Any kind of fever, Eye trouble.
2.    Disease for Moon – Mental Disease, Dehydration and reverse water surplus in the body, Period problems of female, Cough and Cold, Tonsil, Disease related to White Blood Corpuscles.
3.    Disease for Mars – Disease related to Blood Pressure, Disease related to Red Blood Corpuscles, Period related problems of female, Physical weakness, Muscle related Accident.
4.    Disease for Mercury – Every disease related to Nervous system, ENT Diseases, Skin Disease, Diarrhea, Colitis, Damaged IQ, Unable to take decision.
5.    Disease for Jupiter – Liver related disease, Gallbladder Stone, Cancer, Bigger Gland.
6.    Disease for Venus – Sexual Disease, Semen Problem, Kidney related disease, Eye disease, Natural good look of a body.
7.    Disease for Saturn – Rheumatism, Bone Disease, Accident in the lower section of the body and pain, Loneliness.
8.    Disease for Rahu – Dental Disease, Tension, Depression, Any type of Tumour, Infectious Disease.
9.    Disease for Ketu – Secret Disease, Poisonous effect in body, Disease of Suppress Glands, Syphilis, Worm Disease.

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