Scientific development in Australia is facing government’s antagonism


Scientific development in Australia is facing the government’s antagonism. Image Courtesy –

Ian Chubb, Australia’s chief scientist, appeared as the most effective critic for the whimsical behaviour of the Australian government. Ian Chubb facing a hostile environment to develop science, because honourable Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott is lacking the desire to promote more funds into scientific development.

Funding for scientific development seemed unworthy to the government, and thus made a cut in expenditure. Chubb was shocked at this behaviour and so he started freelancing, policymaking for the government without any science minister.

Ian Chubb released a new paper yesterday on the science policy of Australia, including Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering. The paper is described as a change in agenda.

Where global concentration is on shaping economic plans, Chubb’s decision seems absolutely correct when he emphasises Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering. Just because of lacking a national science policy, Australia is getting behind in the race of scientific research and development.

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Chubb thought that to make Australia stronger, the proper time has come to initiate a long-term strategic plan for scientific research and development, which many other countries have already taken. Many Australians criticized him saying that the policy was very much focused on economic growth.

Australian policymakers, Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann are less interested in research and development. They are of the opinion that cutting taxes, decreasing excessive regulations or rigid conformity to formal rules, balancing the budget can automatically yield growth for the country.

Chubb thinks that such a whimsical approach will affect the future of Australian Science. Nobody in the government is caring for his alert so far.

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