A brief note on Gulik

A brief note on Gulik

A brief note on Gulik. Image Courtesy – Indian Astrology Blog – Astro-Vision Futuretech

In Sanskrit the word ‘GUL’ means to huge injury or serious accident. In Vedic astrology, Gulik is basically called as the son of the planet Saturn. In Vedic astrology ‘Maharshi Parashar’ in his treatise ‘Brihat Parashar Horashastra’ in the chapter 4 has described ‘Gulik’ or ‘Mandi’ as –

‘Ashtamangsha nirishah syachhyangshah gulikah smrita –
Verse 11, Chapter 4

The ‘day duration’ (dinaman) or ‘night duration’ (ratriman) at the time of birth if divided by 8, then the eight part is called nirishah where Gulik or Mandi is placed. The lord of this part is considered as Saturn.

‘Namantaram tu tasyeba mandi ritwa bhi dheeyate’ – Verse 15, Chapter 4

Maharshi Parashar and author of ‘Jatak Parijat’ Acharya Baidyanath both agreed on another name of Gulik as Mandi’.

Due to its slow motion, Saturn is called Mandah (slow).

‘Sameh Sameh chaati iti Saneshcharah’. Due to slow motion, Saturn is the karaka for longevity. As per another dictum, ‘Sthama Vriddhi Karoti Mandah’, Satuan gradually augments through diligence the affairs of the house it occupies and harms the houses aspected there from. Saturn’s highest exalted point is 200 in Libra, the opposite sign of Venus in Swati nakshatra owned by Rahu. Saturn is debilitated in the opposite Aries, the opositive and the fiery house of Mars, his bitter enemy. Saturn takes 30 years to travel the entire zodiac circle. In single zodiac sign it remains approximately 21/2 years. Once it is retrogate it remains so for a span of 184 days.

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There are various impacts of Gulik in various bhabas of birth chart according to ‘Jatak Parijat’.

1. Gulik in association with malefic planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and weak Moon) leads the native to be a fraud, short tempered or anti-social, if placed in lagna otherwise, in association with benefic planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and strong Moon) makes the native either mentally retarded or ailing, if placed in lagna.

2. Gulik in association with malefic planets turns the native poor and uneducated. Otherwise in association with benefic planets makes the native involved in anti-social activities, unnecessary travel & foul mouth, if placed in 2nd house.

3. There are exceptions also. Gulik if placed in sixth house it makes native enemy conqueror, occult scientist and extremely brave.

4. Gulik if placed in 11th house, it leads to a pleasent life, wealthy person, vibrant and attractive but elder brother will be having short life span.

5. If Ascendant, Moon and Gulik is placed in fixed sign or dual sign, then it

indicates serious illness or accident but in case of Ascendant placed in fixed sign then the impact of above possibility remains less.

As Ketu is placed in 1800 opposite to Rahu in any given birth chart, same way ‘Praman Gulik’ remains just opposite to Gulik. While considering death or maraka it is very important to calculate ‘Praman Gulik’ with much caution.


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