Why women’s sports trail back from men’s sports

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Why women’s sports trail back from men’s sports. Image Courtesy – San Francisco Chronicle

The issue has been exercised in the US soccer news over the last 3 years that US women’s team used to get a quarter of what the men’s team earned. In the year 2015, the US women’s team won the World Cup and created $20 million more than the men’s team.

Earlier, the women’s national team filed a wage bias act against the US Soccer organization. As a result of this, they received increased game bonuses, improved stipend per day, better travel packages and more monetary aid for players who were adopting children or pregnant.

The women’s soccer team filed a case against the US Soccer administration. Focus of the media was also on the equal pay, but they ignored other benefits. Another argument appeared in the court was, the women’s team was not promoted like the men’s team, that resulted to lower attendances and lower sell of products.

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The question is not only equal payment, but also the process of marketing the women’s sports. Though the women’s soccer team has been proved successful than the men, but they used to receive less than half than their male counterpart.

The root of the issue is the lack of authorized body that the women sportspersons will be able to capitalize their talent. A number of small things are there that build a system to develop women’s performance in sports, and with the performance the revenue will come automatically. So, only to speak on equal pay is not enough to push women’s performances to the highest level. Marketing is one of the most important factors to generate more revenue.

Lastly, taking about equal pay will then be more relevant if you can start funding in the market and promote these athletes.


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