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When words were not introduced in human civilization few symbols made domination in our livelihood. The word “Digit” is derived from the Latin word “digitus” which mean figures. Thus human expression of symbols were used through ten fingers of our hands.

In the 4th century B.C. Pythagoras, the great Greek Philosopher & the forefather of numerology introduced a concept – ‘Everything in the universe is in balance and everyone is playing their unique and important part in the one great vibrational chorus, which gave meaning to numbers’. He was one of the first spiritual scientist who connected the cosmic music of vibrations with numbers.

Numerology says that every number has its own meaning. Analysis of numerology can reveal the mystery why some people have it easy in life while others struggle in certain areas. To understand the symbolism of number we need to know the four types of lines.

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Horizontal line represents attachment;
Vertical line shows connection without symbols;
Curved line represents the energy of love;
Cross line represents the choice or challenge of making that choice.

One is often just a vertical line it symbolizes the beginning of material evolution. One is the pioneer of creation.

Two is flora, the world of plants, life begins to grow Horizontal line indicates that plants are attached to earth & can’t move, the curved line on top shows that plants love earth.

Three is basically two curved lines. Animals like sky and earth but are not attached to either. It’s the symbol of pure animal emotion and is torn apart between fear and desire.

Four is the cross of the two lines. It is the cross roads and the challenge of making the choice. It is between the animal instincts and next stage of enlightened being.

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The horizontal line on top symbolizes that enlightened human is attached to the sky (spirit) the bottom curved line shows this human has love towards earth.

Six is an angel. The spiraling line comes down from the sky, which means luster for creativity of arts.

Seven is the creative essence of divine attached to the sky (spiritual world) and materialized its creativity through a direct channel at a certain stage.

Eight is the divine power and power of infinity. It connects the spiritual world with materialistic world through curved lines.

Nine is the wisdom of higher consciousness. It’s a curved line of experience, wisdom & love spiraling towards the sky from earth.

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