Where the Allopathic system fails, Homeopathy shows the miraculous result for COVID-19 patients

Where the Allopathic system fails, Homeopathy shows the miraculous result for COVID-19 patients

Where the Allopathic system fails, Homeopathy shows the miraculous result for COVID-19 patients. Image Courtesy – Republic World

Permission for Homeopathy treatment has been granted from the Ministry of AYUSH, but it could be given much earlier to avoid so many deaths in India.

Various states have now been granted permission to distribute homoeopathic preventive medicines for COVID-19 patients. Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (India) issued an advisory to utilize homeopathy and other AYUSH systems in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. This advisory has also been adopted by the Nehru Homeopathy Medical College as the centre of treatment. These initiatives shall be executed by the AYUSH doctors who are posted in the field. All these activities shall be supervised by Dr Raj K Manchanda, Director General, Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India.

The order issued by the Secretary of Health, Padmini Singla, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi has directed all the DMs/CDMOs/MSs to facilitate the incorporation of AYUSH systems as per the advisory of the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. It included changes in the diet of COVID-19 patients, using their drugs.

Dr R K Manchanda directed district medical officers of AYUSH asking for the distribution of homoeopathic medicine in the containment zone in collaboration with the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH), for the prophylactic intervention for improving the immunity.

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In Gujurat, 6,887 asymptomatic people in 98 quarantine centres were given AYUSH immunity booster. Out of this, 1,688 persons were given homoeopathic medicines with their consent to strengthen their immunity. None of them was found COVID-19 positive in the tests done later on.

In Goa, where COVID-19 is now under complete control with no new cases reported for over 2 weeks. This is the home state of the AYUSH minister Shripad Nayak. The minister himself twitted the uses of homeopathy preventive medicine along with other AYUSH systems. In fact, Goa was the first state to apply for AYUSH doctors & medicines in the treatment and management of COVID-19.

The Additional Secretary, Government of Kerala issued an order on April 2020, approving the action plan outlining the Homeopathy Strategies for prevention and management of COVID-19 in Kerala. After this order, the Kerala Government gave a big push to homoeopathic medicine as an immunity booster and has distributed it to around 45 lakhs of people across the state. Thiruvananthapuram tops the list with homoeopathic medicine distributed to nearly 7 lakhs of people. This distribution was made with the help of the resident associations and MLAs. C S Pradeep of the Department of Homeopathy told that the homeopathy department is providing ‘Arsenicum Album 30C’ as a preventive medicine to boost the immunity to the approved centres.

Dr B Vijayakumar, member of the State Level expert group of the Indian Homeopathic Medical Association (IHMA) said that homeopathy has a long history of treating and preventing epidemics ever since its inception. In Kerala, the Department of homeopathy carries out activities through ‘Rapid Action Epidemic Control Cell, Homeopathy (RAECH), which officially looks after all the epidemic activities in Kerala. The efficacy of homeopathy in the management of viral diseases has been proved beyond doubt in Kerala.

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In Punjab, representatives of the Indian Institute of Homeopathy Physicians (IIHP), met the health minister Balbir Singh Sidhu and demanded the use of homoeopathic medicine as an immunity booster against the COVID-19. Reputed doctors like Dr Rajesh Sofot, Dr A S Mann, Dr M Ukhtinder Singh, Dr B S Chandhok, Dr Bhupinder Singh and Dr Satpal Mangla were present in the team. The Minister accepted the demand and as a result, the department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health, Government of Punjab, has issued a notification recommending application of ‘ Arsenicum Album 30’ to the people of Punjab as immunity booster during the epidemic.

The notification also declares that this medicine is absolutely safe and has no side effects of any kind on the human body. However, it also clarifies that this medicine may not be mistaken for treatment, and it strengthens the immune system of a person to fight against a disease like COVID-19. The Indian Institute of Homeopathy Physicians has promised to the Health Minister to provide 5 lakhs family doses in the entire state of Punjab.

In Rajasthan, the homoeopathic medicine ‘Arsenicum Album 30’ is also being administered in all the Quarantine centres. The AYUSH Department, Government of Rajasthan, directed the distribution of homoeopathic medicines by using the services of all the homoeopathic doctors and homoeopathic colleges present in Rajasthan. Director also instructed that data shall also be collected after the application of doses.

This is some sort of good news for the doctors, students, researchers and patients who are attached to the system of homeopathy in India. The Government of India promulgated the Epidemic act to treat and manage all the COVID-19 cases. The Government of India kept all AYUSH systems out of range of the treatment. After the failure of traditional allopathic system of medicine, and after the tremendous pressure of COVID-19 cases, the government of India has compelled to agree to give the AYUSH department a peripheral role.

Reference: Dr Sushil Vats, Vats Homeo Clinic, Delhi.

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