Japan gets success in weakening coronavirus 99.9% by using deep Ultraviolet rays

Japan gets success to weaken coronavirus 99.9% by using deep Ultraviolet rays

Japan gets success to weaken coronavirus 99.9% by using deep Ultraviolet rays. Image Courtesy – Deccan Herald

A research on coronavirus was conducted jointly by a Tokyo-based company Nikkiso Corporation and the University of Miyazaki. It has been found that deep ultraviolet rays can reduce the power of deadly coronavirus by up to 99.9%.

According to the results of that study, the Japanese firm has developed a new type of LED for ultraviolet rays. The infection capacity of the coronavirus is almost gone by using it. And by doing so, the virus will not be able to take over the human body.

Nikiso Corporation says that the ultraviolet-light-rich LEDs they make cause minor side effects in the human body. It is not even harmful to the environment. The company claims that it is possible to treat allergies using those LEDs. The company has also started using it to clean the air.

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The latest development gives hope to the scientists at a time when no vaccine has finally come into the market and no drug has been proved purely effective against the deadly virus. Their experiment incorporated shining light-radiating diodes on a liquid mixture of coronavirus applied for 30 seconds. The university sources said that the infection capacity of the virus dropped by more than 99.9% after leaving it for three days.

They also told that the LEDs would be useful in preventing mass infection in different hospitals. Hiroko Inagaki, an assistant professor at the University of Miyazaki, told that people must combine various items to come back to the normal life along with washing hands and wearing protective clothing.

The pandemic has claimed more than 357,896 lives in 213 countries and territories since last December. The US and Europe are presently the world’s worst-hit regions.

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