Multiple reasons for bad breath and its homely remedies

Multiple reasons of bad breath and its homely remedies

Multiple reasons for bad breath and its homely remedies. Image Courtesy – Lume Deodorant

We meet many people day by day with whom we get to learn a lot and are greatly influenced by them, but sometimes we also meet some people but would like to avoid talking to them. One such reason is the smell of their mouth.

By meeting such people, we also feel bad and we try to run away from them. In this article, we will know how it causes, and what we can do to interact with others with confidence.

Causes of bad breath:

There are many reasons for the bad smell of the mouth which usually we generate due to our mistakes; some reasons are there that we neglect to pay attention. If we take care of cleaning our mouth then it is hardly possible that our mouth smells.

(i) The dirt of our tongue

Often, when we eat something, after that if we do not clean our tongue and teeth properly, then our tongue gets dirty due to which the smell comes out of our mouth. If we clean the tongue continuously, then this smell also stops. So keep your teeth clean along with your tongue. To clean the tongue, you should start using a good ‘Tounge Cleaner’.

(ii) The dirt of our teeth

Just like the tongue, we should keep our teeth cleaned as well. If we take care of our teeth, it will remove the stench of the mouth and at the same time our teeth will also remain strong and we will never have any serious problem related to teeth.

After eating something clean the teeth thoroughly. Our brush has an important role in teeth cleaning, so always use a good quality brush of medium hardness.

(iii) Melting of gums

When a section of the gum starts melting or damaging, our mouth starts smelling. The bad smell that comes out of the mouth looks very odd. This happens when we get intoxicated or consume some very hot food. It causes our gums to damage. Also, it happens due to careless brushing of our teeth that somehow damage our gums. Due to which later it causes the stench of the mouth.

(iv) Improper digestion

Indigestion in the stomach is a simple thing. Often, when we eat some oily spicy food or Junk food, we start having indigestion. If you eat such things, it affects your body as well as your mouth, which causes the smell of your mouth. The smell of the mouth is also caused by the improper digestion in your stomach. Therefore, avoid junk food to remove indigestion and bad smell.

(v) Bad smell due to food

You must be feeling stunned but it happens, what you eat has its effect on your whole body. For example, if you eat onions, then the person in front of you knows that you ate onions, so after eating such things, wash your mouth properly. The same thing happens for garlic too.

When you eat something, make a habit of washing your mouth. If you do not wash your mouth after a meal it will cause an odour from your mouth.

(vi) Intoxication or addiction

It is common for people who get intoxicated to smell from their mouths. Such people do not care about themselves. Such people forget their intelligence after getting intoxicated and remain upset. The person who gets addicted to drug starts smelling from his mouth that makes other people awkward.

(vii) Drink less water

Drinking of water is better for our health as well as it keeps our body always refreshed. The fresher you stay, the fresher you feel and the better you will feel.

If the quantity of water we drink daily becomes lesser than the standard amount, causes the digestive system to affect. It can cause a bad smell from the mouth.

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Some methods to prevent bad breath

(a) Use of mint

Mint is always used to remove the bad smell of the mouth. Mint has a very good fragrance. If we chew, the smell of mint starts coming from our mouth too. If you can extract its juice, then make its juice and eat it.

(b) Use of Lemon

It is always helpful for us to use lemon. Squeezing Lemon and mixing it with water, or drinking lemon water removes the smell of the mouth. Simultaneously, lemon also removes your stomach problem and improves the digestive system.

(c) Use of Cardamom

The best way to remove the smell of the mouth immediately is to eat cardamom. You must use cardamom if strong bad odour comes out of your mouth. You can chew cardamom or can have cardamom mixing with tea.

(d) Use of Anise

Often you must have seen the custom of eating anise immediately after eating. Anise is very helpful in removing the bad odour of the mouth. That is why you can also start chewing anise.

(e) Use of Basil

Use of basil also keeps us from the smell of the mouth. If you can chew some leaves of basil on an empty stomach, that will give you freshness in your mouth and will also relieve you of the stench. You can also make basil tea and consume it.

(f) Use of Lemon

Lemon is considered as a natural antibiotic in Ayurveda. Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and gargle with it. You can also drink some lemon water from that mixture. It will kill the germs of your mouth and drinking it also cures stomach problems, which will, in turn, remove the stench of your mouth.

Now, you have got some ideas on how to get rid of the stench of mouth. If you adopt these methods you will get real benefit. But, if all these methods are not working, then you will assume that you have got some infection in your mouth, and then you must visit a doctor.

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