Know about mouth ulcer – its causes and remedies

Know about mouth ulcer – its causes and remedies

Know about mouth ulcer – its causes and remedies. Image Courtesy – Redmires Dental Care

Formation of mouth ulcer occurs inside the mouth or at the side of the tongue is actually due to internal problem. It is called blisters whose colour may be light pink or dark pink or red that has a constant burning sensation. This burning sensation becomes intolerable in the time of eating food.

Due to lack of proper diet and poor routine, there occurs a problem like a mouth ulcer. Although there are many reasons for mouth ulcer, I am sharing you some of the basic reasons.

(i) Smoking, chewing of tobacco, pan masala, liquor, oily food, spicy food, chewing of betel nut, khaini, gutkha, excessive drinking of tea or coffee or anything hot or eating habit causes a blister.

(ii) Consumption of cold food or drink after hot or vice versa.

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(iii) While brushing the on parts of the mouth or gums wounds can be formed inside the mouth due to damage brushes.

(iv) Mouth ulcer can also occur from the tongue by scratching the tongue heavily. Brushing for a long time, persisting cough, continuous indigestion, prolonged constipation, checking stools or urine for a long time can lead to mouth ulcer.

(v) Drinking a very little quantity of water throughout the day and eating foods mostly without natural-fibre can also cause mouth ulcers.

How to take a preventive measure:

1. Gargling is a very good process with luke-warm water keeps the pharynx and larynx and inner-mouth in good health.

2. Herbal drinks made from different leaves like Ashwagandha, Jashthimadhu, Peepal, turmeric or cumin along with tea-leaf in normal tea can be helpful.

3. Mix basil, fennel, green papaya vegetable, tomato, coconut and swallow after chewing thoroughly.

4. If you are confused about arranging a lot of ingredients and the application of Ayurveda, you can apply mouth ulcer gel available in the market for a handy solution.

But, one thing you have to bear in mind that you can prevent mouth ulcer by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy food with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

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