Which activities of the people in our society are called as Male Oppression?

Which activities of the people in our society are called as Male Oppression?

Male Oppression in our society. Image Courtesy – Above the Law

First of all, it is necessary that how to understand what is male-oppression. Male-harassment is not easy to understand, the definition is not precisely determined. Different countries have different laws for that. Nevertheless, if any of the following behaviour is done by a man or a woman or a group, then it can be put under the coverage of male-harassment.

(i) Touching the genitals of a male child or a teenage boy, showing him touching his genitals, or showing rude videos to him or doing something indirectly so that he can see something objectionable. If all of the activities were allowed to the minors, starting from childhood to adolescence, are called male harassment.

Even if he asked to do this, it would be called male-oppression because he does not have the wisdom to think so far or stop playing with the future. This is legal recognition in many countries of the world.

If something is done or done by intimidation or greed or in any other way it is encouraged to do so, then there is a provision for taking strict statutory actions and with the prevention of child-crime laws and child-sexual abuse prevention. Litigation can also be filed under the relevant laws with possible imprisonment for years including heavy fines.

(ii) Asking the boss or the boss’s wife to have a homosexual or heterosexual relationship through seduction or demotion for promotion or reducing payment etc. on any pretext will also come under the coverage of male-oppression.

If male and female co-workers make any sexual endeavour by luring them for profit or support or showing fear of loss or a sexual fear is shown by the boss etc. or asked to do something which is related to a male body, that too will be called male-oppression.

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(iii) Threatening to implicate a man or a male maiden in an anti-dowry law by a wife or his maternal side to persuade or stop a matter or in such a false case is also male harassment.

(iv) An attempt to force one to have sexual contact with oneself or with another is also a form of male harassment.

(v) A threat to leave husband’s home without any big quarrel or issue or torturing husband mentally or creating pressurize him mentally is also a form of male harassment. Some males frequently face this kind of mental torture like spreading doubts of his manhood by their companions, relatives from in-laws. This also comes under male harassment.

(vi) Several males also face tremendous mental pressure and mental torture for their weak financial category because they are unable to compete with their relatives for achieving family assets.

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