How to protect your YouTube channel from the hackers

How to protect your YouTube channel from the hackers

How to protect your YouTube channel from the hackers. Image Courtesy – YouTube

The YouTube platform has become very much popular nowadays. Thousands of YouTube creators make their videos on this platform every day and earn money. With its increase in popularity, the probability of getting hacked has also become increased. In this article, I will tell you how you can protect your YouTube channel from hacking activity.

(i) Make a Strong Password

To protect from hacking you should make the password of your YouTube channel longer and stronger. Make sure that your password has at least 8 characters. A sample of YouTube password will be like this – webto3!fC79Z#mef*UFJ

Password should not have any meaningful word, otherwise, hackers can easily hack your password. The small letter, capital letter, number, special character etc. should be used while creating the password.

(ii) Remove unused account from Smartphone

It is generally seen that many people are logged into their smartphones with many different Gmail IDs. This is quite dangerous in terms of security. You should just login to the phone with the same Gmail ID that you use. You should immediately remove the old or unnecessary Gmail ID from your smartphone.

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(iii) Uninstall Fake Apps from your Smartphone

There are many Apps that steal your data and sell it to other people. So you should only use apps that are safe. Google Play Store apps are considered safe because of the decent policies of Google. Do not use any app from outside of Google Play Store for Android phones.

(iv) Always use 2 Step Verification in Gmail

To keep your YouTube channel safe, you should use the 2-Step Verification process. In the 2-Step Verification process, you can make your YouTube channel safe by using Phone Prompt, Text Message SMS or Call and Security Key.

(v) Update Account Recovery option

To secure your YouTube channel, you must also protect your Gmail ID. You have to update Account Recovery of the Gmail ID from which you have created your YouTube channel. In account recovery option you have to provide a secondary email ID and phone number and are verified by OTP. This way you can also keep your YouTube channel safe.

(vi) Do not share the Gmail ID connected to your YouTube Channel

Many people usually make a mistake by putting the Gmail ID in the about section of the channel or in the Description Box with which they create the channel. As they use to publish videos regularly, people get to know their Gmail ID and may take advantage of it.

Keep in mind that the Gmail ID from which you have created the channel, keep it secret and do not tell anyone. You should create a secondary Gmail ID and give it to people for a business inquiry.

(vii) Abstain from clicking on suspicious links

Many hackers send links to YouTube channel creators that may contain a virus or malware. By clicking on this link, your channel can be hacked. Therefore, do not click on any such link, which has not been verified. If you want to open this link, copy this link and send it to another phone. You can then open it by clicking to check.

(viii) Beware of Fake Sponsorship

Many YouTube channel owners get Fake Sponsorship these days. It is generally written in the mail that you will have to install the software in your computer or mobile and make a video on it. As soon as the channel owner install that software, their computer or mobile phone gets hacked. So, you have to avoid using Fake Sponsorship.

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(ix) Use Set up backups

You must set up a backup in your Gmail account. To make a backup, open a Google account, click Security, and after that, you can use backup codes, authenticator app codes, and take a backup on phone.

(x) Block user on YouTube

If any user on your channel comments back and forth directly, you can block it. After that the user will not be able to comment, nor will be able to share the video.

(xi) Report inappropriate comment

If someone on your channel’s video leaves spam links and you think it can be harmful then you can report, delete that comment. Ultimately you can block the user.

(xii) Keep Changing your Channel Password

If you want to prevent your YouTube channel from being hacked, you must change its password from time to time. Usually, people create a password and always use it, while the rule is that you should change the password after some time.

(xiii) YouTube never asks for your personal information

One thing you should keep in mind that YouTube never asks for any of your personal information like password, email id or any other kind of information.

(xiv) Fake Monetization emails

Several YouTube channel owners share all the information on their channel in the process of getting monetization at the earliest. You should understand that there is no shortcut way to monetize the channel. YouTube only has the right to monetize the channel and no one can get your channel monetized. So, do not reply to suspicious email.

These are some simple basic methods. By following these methods you can protect your YouTube channel from the hackers.

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