Microsoft’s GitHub account gets hacked due to cyberattack by Shiny Hunters

Microsoft’s GitHub account gets hacked due to cyberattack by Shiny Hunters

Microsoft’s GitHub account gets hacked due to cyberattack by Shiny Hunters. Image Courtesy –

Microsoft’s private Github account is reported hacked by a hacker known as ‘Shiny Hunters’. The data hack has taken place on March 28, 2020, and the hacker told the BleepingComputer that they had acquired full access into the Microsoft’s account including ‘Private repositories’. They have also told that they already downloaded 500GB data of private projects.

With an amount of $7.5 billion, Microsoft obtained the open-source library and the computing giant had given access to the world’s largest library of codes to several developers as a repository for projects.

The hacker first tried to make a profit out of these data which have Chinese reference. The data consolidated various information like eBooks, projects and other generic things. Another news says that the data hacked was not the real data, though some others of the company told that it was the real data. Ultimately the reputation of the company is hampered.

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However, the cyber intelligence companies are operating investigations. They also assured that whatever data shared was not significant and no sensitive codes or contents were there. They ensured that though the companies occasionally leave passwords on GitHub by mistake, but nothing personal or private was there in the breached content.

The ‘Shiny Hunters’ planned to sell the data previously but is now thinking to leak it online. Online hacking and cybercrime have been increased recently. A cybersecurity intelligence company revealed that a group of hacker sold the user database of Unacademy for $2,000. Unacademy is India’s largest online academy platform that consolidated with 20 million accounts.

A report revealed in the last month that more than 5,00,000 Zoom accounts were sold by hackers in the dark web and hacker forums at very low prices. A report also revealed that a hacker disclosed personal information of 267 million Facebook users for 500 Euros that included full names, last names, ages, phone numbers, email ids etc.

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