Artificial Intelligence – the power made Israel so unique in the world

Artificial Intelligence – the power made Israel so unique in the world

Artificial Intelligence is the power that made Israel so unique. Image Courtesy –

The strength of Israel is observed today around the world. We should not forget that the strength is not only due to the powerful army but the intelligence agency of Mossad; that was formed on 13th December in 1949. The agency is also called the ‘Killing Machine’, which hunts and kills its enemies hiding around the world.

It is said that the female detective of the intelligence agency is spread all over the world and it specializes in taking every secret out of its enemies. This is the reason why these women are considered the strength of the ‘Mossad Agency’. This is the reason why Israel is called the safest country in the world because of the powerful army and Mossad.

Let me remember you that in 1972, terrorists killed nine Israeli players. After this incident, Mossad found and killed every person involved in this incident. That is the reason that terrorists are afraid to mess up with Mossad.

Another incident took place in 1976 where 54 Israeli citizens were taken to the captive in Uganda. It was being said that Uganda was under the control of the terrorists at that time, but Mossad rescued all those 54 people out of probable death danger by its own strength. From that time onwards, Mossad has been proved as the best intelligence agency in the world.

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The economy of Israel is said to be high-tech due to its highly developed science and technology. Israel is considered to be a developed country in the world and it is the fourth largest country to recruit highly skilled employees. The country falls second in the category just after the US in terms of start-up companies. In spite of limited natural resources, the government of Israel has lifted the country into the category of developed countries.

It is the power of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ that transformed Israel into a unique powerful country. Computer vision has been enhanced by ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Israel and it has benefited the country’s defence system and equipments. Different industries have also been extended through the production of military equipment – and in all the process, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is linked up everywhere.

One of the greatest successes was the ‘Mobileye Vision Technology’ or Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), founded in Jerusalem in the year 1999 and gradually developed by an Israeli company. The company developed an image processing algorithm to interpret images taken from conventional cameras to watch traffic.

Israel aims to become the world leader in medical applications with AI. Technology companies are developing algorithms to use patients’ data and lifestyle information collected and stored in the data bank to shorten the time for diagnosis.

China and USA are the two competitors of Israel for AI leadership in the world. Isaac Ben-Israel, a former Israeli defence force major general, told that there is nothing different in brains, but the Chinese people are lagging in the field due to their ecosystem and culture. They always try to maintain harmony and do not try to differentiate themselves from other people. But, innovation is very much necessary in this field to create a unique system or technique. It has been possible in Israel because the Israeli government has developed a national strategy to make their country a global leader in ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

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