Floyd’s death sparked violent protests in US, Horse Mounted Police to control

Floyd’s death sparked violent protests in US, Horse Mounted Police to control

Death of George Floyd sparked violent protests in the US, Horse mounted police to control. Image Courtesy – WBUR

Protests against the killing of a black man have been going on in America for the past one week. Police stormed a rally on Monday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Protesters gathered in Lafayette Park outside the White House.

A foreign news agency photographer saw them chased by police on horseback. At the same time, President Donald Trump announced from White House that he would immediately crackdown on protests in major cities, and to combat violent protests he would call the army.

Trump told that the governors should call the National Guard to the provinces where unrest has been spread out. He also said that if the governors failed to stop the violence, he would call the army.

Trump took refuge in a bunker as protests began in front of the White House. He went to St. John’s Episcopal Church after police dispersed the protesters. He was accompanied by the Attorney General William Brar. Trump took a picture also with a Bible in his hand.

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Last week, a black American named George Floyd died in police custody. The 46-year-old was stabbed in the neck by a white police officer for about nine minutes. That was the reason of the death of George Floyd. An autopsy report on his body was released on Monday. It shows that Floyd died as a result of suffocation. He was killed.

News of Floyd’s death sparked protests in several American cities. Curfew was imposed in 20 cities. Trump has taken a hard line on protests since the beginning. He spoke on the phone with the governors of different provinces. He made it clear to them that the protests must be suppressed immediately. If you can’t do that, then you are wasting your time. The National Guard was deployed outside the White House on Monday evening.

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