Rahu is described as the Zone for In-laws or Sasural

Rahu – Zone for In-laws or Sasural

Rahu is described as the Zone for In-laws or Sasural. Image Courtesy – Marriage Missions

Scholars of Traditional Vedic astrology said, “Charam Sanskarnukul Byapare Vivaha”, which means, marriage is the ritual ceremony of the human life where happiness is intensely associated. Marriage is also considered as the second birth of human life where one can attend two Vargas of life – Artha, Kama.

In respect of life after marriage, 4th house is happiness at home, 7th house is the sexual discourse, in-laws and 12th house is bed pleasure. One gets married to the entire family of his/her spouse, literally, marriage is also the expansion of one’s family.

After marriage one not only deals with husband or wife, rather parent in-laws, siblings in-laws, their respective spouse and children, grandparents, etc. Rahu plays a major role in interpersonal relationships with in-laws.

Except for your spouse, the rest of the family comes under ‘Rahu Zone’ which is in-laws or ‘Sasural’ (in Hindi). Here Rahu is a prominent planet to get a clear idea about one’s in-laws’ nature and family ambience. Indeed, relationship with in-laws is very complicated, vulnerable and fragile. There are many people among us, who have good and even excellent relationships with their in-laws. But, what happens when either the family suffers due to in-co-operation of a bride or else the bride suffers due to the groom’s family members, the actual scenario can be either of the above.

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Obstacles in marriage:

(i) If the 7th house from Ascendant is occupied by Saturn or Rahu

(ii) If 7th house from Ascendant is occupied by Mercury or 7th lord is Mercury (Example – Pisces/Sagittarius Ascendant)

(iii) When 7th house lord from Cancer Moon Sign/Ascendant is Saturn

(iv) When Ascendant/7th lord will be occupied by the conjunction of Saturn + Mars

(v) When Saturn will be situated in the 4th house from Moon Sign/Ascendant

(vi) When Saturn will be situated in 2nd/7th house from Moon Sign/Ascendant

In astrological concept, we must check the Nakshatra(Constellation) of Rahu, lord of Rahu Nakshatra, its association with other planets especially malefic planets like Mars, Sun and Saturn indicate the reason for conflicts in a relationship. Even exhalation, debilitation, or other conjugal aspects will add more clarity to it.

Following the combination of planets with Rahu clarifies the nature of in-laws with relevant meaning.

Sun + Rahu – Overpowering/respect seeking nature.

Moon + Rahu – Sensitive and emotional nature.

Mars + Rahu – Sarcastic/greedy behaviour.

Jup + Rahu – Egoistic and cultural barrier.

Ven + Rahu – Status seeker and money minded.

Sat + Rahu – Conservative and old tradition, lower or higher status.

Rahu placed in own Nakshatra (Constellation) will bestow more powerful effects in these above situations.

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