How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Deadly Coronavirus?

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Deadly Coronavirus?

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Deadly Coronavirus? Image Courtesy – InsideHook

Corona virus has been perpetuating its effect all over the world. This deadly virus has killed thousands of people so far and millions of people worldwide are still infected with this coronavirus. If we do not take precautions to avoid it, it will be very much terrible for us in the future.

If you follow television news and various media, you will understand very well how to prevent coronavirus by precautionary measure. In this article, I will discuss how to prevent coronavirus infection that may spread from your smartphone.

To prevent coronavirus, hands should be washed with soap frequently, when you wash your hands with soap, try to wash your hands for at least for 20 seconds. If you are getting a sanitizer in the nearest store or medical store, then buy and use it. Maintain social distancing and avoid the crowd.

If you have to go out of the house for some reason, you should put on a mask. Do not go out to a crowded place. While you come home from outside, wash your clothes properly with soap and clean water. If you have a disposable mask, remove it and put it in the dustbin. If you use a mask made of a piece of cloth then wash it with the help of soap. These are the methods to protect your body from the deadly virus.

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Nowadays, the smartphone has become an important part of our life. We keep our smartphone with us whenever we go outside. The deadly virus may spread from anywhere and from anything. The trace of it can be around our smartphone as we use to handle it in the market also.

A Step-by-step cleaning process for your smartphone:

After clearing your hands, switch off the mobile.

When the mobile is switched off, soak a clean cloth a little and apply a soft soap in it.

After applying the soap, rotate the cloth lightly around the mobile and be careful that the moisture of the cloth does not go into the mobile through the open space like charging point, audio jack etc.

Now, wipe the smartphone with a dry piece of cloth or microfiber. This is a process by which you can remove bacteria and viruses from your smartphone by using only soft soap and water.

If tempered glass is installed on the mobile screen, then you can clean it using a cleaner.

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Do not use any kind of sprayer, it can cause moisture to enter in the open spaces of the phone.

After this, you can use your phone easily by washing your hand with hand soap.

In another process, you can take a piece of cotton and soak the piece of cotton with a little of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Now, apply the piece of cotton lightly around each and every corner of the smartphone. Remain conscious to avoid applying on the open spaces like charging point and audio jack.

Leave the smartphone for a while to dry and then you can use it again. This way your smartphone becomes free from the deadly virus.

Hope you will understand how to keep your smartphone safe in this epidemic. If we have to defeat coronavirus, you have to stand firm with the government, administration and medical experts. Avoid going to a crowded place. If it is not necessary then stay at home.

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