The world is feeling the need of Yoga more than ever due to Corona epidemic

The world is feeling the need of Yoga more than ever due to Corona epidemic

The world is feeling the need for Yoga more than ever due to the Corona epidemic. Image Courtesy – The Statesman

Today, the sixth ‘International Yoga Day’ is being celebrated all over the world. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that International Yoga Day is a day of solidarity. It is the day of the message of universal brotherhood. During this crisis of corona, people around the world have become excited about it.

International Yoga Day started on June 21, 2015. The theme of this year’s Yoga Day is ‘Yoga for Health, Yoga from Home’. The Ministry of AYUSH had planned to hold a mega event in Leh, but it was cancelled due to the Corona epidemic.

Prime Minister Modi said that today we are away from group programs and doing yoga with family members at home. When everyone in the family gathers together, there is a coincidence of energy. It is also a day to increase family bonding. It is Yoga that brings us together, it is Yoga that eliminates the distance. Now, the world is feeling the need for yoga more than ever due to the corona epidemic.

Prime Minister Modi also told that Yoga gives us confidence. He also told that corona used to attack our respiratory system. While Pranayama used to help in strengthening this system most effectively. There were many types of Pranayama. If you would meet those who know Pranayama, then they would tell you how many types it has. There has been Anulom-Bilom, Bhramari, Kapalbhati, etc. that used to strengthen the immune system.

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The Prime Minister has appealed to the people to include Pranayama in their daily life. He suggested learning other methods of Prayanama also. Yoga has been helping people to defeat corona disease. Yoga used to provide us with confidence that we can relieve stress. It has been giving us peace and patience along with mental peace.

Modi explained the importance of yoga with 3 verses of Sanskrit:

In the Gita, Lord Krishna while explaining yoga has said – ‘Yoga Karmasu Kaushalam’ which means the skill of karma or work is Yoga.

He explained the meaning of yoga i.e. ‘Samatwam Yoga’. That is, the name of compatibility-adversity, success-failure, happiness-crisis – remaining equal in every situation, remaining steadfast is yoga.

Prime Minister Modi explained one of the Sanskrit slokas from ‘The Gita’ – “युक्त्ताहारविहारस्य युक्त्तचेष्टस्य कर्मसु युक्त्तस्वप्नावबोधस्य योगिनो योगो भवति दुःखहा” – that means the right food, the right sports, the right habits of sleeping and waking, and doing your work and your duty properly is Yoga.

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