Understanding the reasons for hair fall, internal and external, and solving it

Understanding the reasons for hair fall, internal and external, and solving it

Understanding the reasons for hair fall, internal and external, and solving it. Image Courtesy – Times of India

There are many types of hair fall in our society and there are many reasons for it. Finding the exact cause of hair fall is very much challenging. Hair fall is called as alopecia in medical terminology. Hair fall has both internal and external reasons.

Internal Reasons:

Most of the hair loss occurs due to predominant genetic factors, and some of the hair falls occurs due to ageing process that generally starts in the mid-30s. Some of the factors are physical illness, emotional trauma, deficiency of protein, change of hormones during puberty, pregnancy and menopause, thyroid disease, anaemia etc. Hair fall that is related to the physiological problem should be treated under medical guidance, and no other way is there. But, external causes of hair fall can be solved by optimizing our habits and style of living.

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External Reasons:

(i) Combing on wet hair

Whenever we take a bath, we should never use a comb on our wet hair immediately after that. When our hair is wet it is very fragile. In that situation, when we keep combing on the hair, our hair starts breaking and that gradually leads to baldness. When our hair is wet the roots of the hair remains very weak, in such a condition it is necessary to dry the hair properly and then comb it.

(ii) Wearing cap in head

Putting a cap on your head can make your looks better but it is not right for your hair at all. If you wear a cap continuously, your hair does not get the necessary air, it gets too much of moisture that causes hair to weaken.

Wear a cap over your head only at that time when it is very important for you. Do not make it a habit to follow a trend of fashion. It is suggested not to wear a cap and take care of your hair.

(iii) Washing hair daily with shampoo

Some people wash their hair every day with shampoo. They make a habit of using shampoo; bathing without using shampoo on hair feels awkward to them. This is not right for our hair. Generally, a shampoo has a pH balance from 5 to 7. All the available brands of shampoo are not 100% natural; some of them consist of a chemical compound that can harm the hair roots.

By using shampoo regularly on the hair, they start becoming weak, due to which they start breaking. Use shampoo 2 to 3 days a week while having a bath.

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(iv) Lack of use of conditioner

We never forget to use shampoo while bathing, but we never use conditioner on our hair. Conditioner is a good thing, other than shampoo it makes hair roots strong. Lack of using conditioner also makes our hair week, due to which it leads to hair loss. Reduce the use of shampoo and start using conditioner instead. It is a very good habit and will work to strengthen your hair.

(v) Frequent use of hair gel

It has become a fashion for the guys of today that they use Hair Gel a lot in order to show themselves stylishly. The use of hair gel for changing the hairstyle in different ways damages your hair. By applying hair gel, your hair may look beautiful for a while, but in the long run, it starts falling heavily. It is good if you do not use gel on your hair.

(vi) Highlights and colouring of hair

May people do highlights and semi-permanent dye on their hair. Highlights and semi-permanent dyes are comparatively less damaging like bleaching. But they do not give assurance of protecting the hair. The inner structure of the hair may change by using this process, leading to a dull and dry look. Bleaching is a process that permanently changes the integrity of the natural hair. So, try to avoid bleaching, highlights and colouring of hair.

Hair is such a thing that makes a human being distinguishable from every person and makes a personality also. Hair is valuable for a human being because once it falls, it does not come again. If you do not have thick hair on your head, then your looks are spoiled, and you do not look as smart as a person who has thick hair. If you are still young, then start taking care of your hair.

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