Delaying ageing process in the human body – Part II

Delaying ageing process in the human body – Part II

In our previous article, we discussed about the effectiveness and smoothness of the spine in a human body is directly related to human ageing. Now we will discuss how our joints get affected as we grow older.

A comprehensive understanding of the bones and skeletal system of the human body.

Joints in the human body are classified into two types:

  1. Joints for connecting medium
  2. Joints for movement

Joints for connecting medium are of 3 types: 1. Fibrous Joint, 2. Cartilaginous Joint, 3. Synovial Joint

1. Fibrous Joint: Terminal of two bones remain connected in this type of joints through Fibrous Tissue. These are fixed type joint. Example – Skull. These Fibrous Joints are of 3 types – Sutures, Gomphosis & Syndesmosis.

2. Cartilaginous Joint: Terminal of two bones remain connected by Cartilage. These are of 2 types of joints depending upon the nature of Cartilage – (i) Synchondrosis or Primary Cartilaginous Joint and (ii) Symphysis or Secondary Cartilaginous Joint.

3. Synovial Joint: in these types of joints, the terminal of two bones remain closer in a cavity and a fluid is filled in the cavity. This cavity is called Synovial Cavity. Terminal points of the two bones are covered by a membrane called Synovial Membrane. This fluid protects the joint from friction. Most of the joints of the human body are of these types.

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Joints for movement are of 3 types:

1. Immovable or Synarthrosis Joint

2. Slightly movable or Amphiarthrosis Joint

3. Freely movable or Diarthrosis Joint.

So it is proved that if we have to be active up to the last days of life, we should protect and care our bones and joints. Exercising in a proper way, taking rest and eating healthy foods will help us to retain activeness of our joints. In our next session, we will discuss some more scientific techniques to retain our flexibility and softness of joints in a more encouraging way.

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