Is it possible to delay human ageing?

Is it possible to delay human ageing?

Atsuro Chiba is an Ashtanga yogi based out of San Diego, performing Purna Matsyendrasana. Image Courtesy –

Our youthfulness and liveliness is completely dependent on softness and strength of our spine, because our nerves are present inside our spine. So, our body becomes feeble and older if blood circulation is not proper in our spine. Therefore, in every country, is it being researched that in what method a spine can be well-circulated by blood to maintain its strength and activity. If a spine has enough strength and softness as well, it can delay human ageing for the maximum period of a human life. Human ageing can be delayed for 10 to 15 years in this way with maintaining healthy lifestyle.

There are 33 Vertebral Column in our Spine. Nine of them converts to sacrum and coccyx bone when a human being gets matured. All the vertebrae of the spine are connected, but these two (sacrum and coccyx bone) have some space between them. These space is made-up with Cartilage.

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Dynamics of a spine are 6 types. It can be rotated to front, back, left, right and can be twisted to left and right side. Numerous types of exercises are discovered in the world to keep the blood circulation maintained in the spine are included among 6 types of dynamics.

Any other process was beyond imagination. No western exercise can twist human spine completely. Indian sages solved this problem many thousand years ago by ushering “Matsyendrasana”. Then it is simplified for the people who cannot practice “Matsyendrasana” completely perfect because of obesity and stiffness of the body. They can practice “Ardha- Matsyendrasana” to get the result.

Baba Ramdev of India performing Ardha Matsyendrasana. Image Courtesy –

It is a very easy process to send blood in spinal cord and maintain its activeness years after years. Now, we can say that is a way to maintain our youthfulness and liveliness years after years. This process of ‘Yoga’ with maintaining a healthy style of living – i.e. abstaining from alcohol, smocking, chewing tobacco etc. can benefit us with prolonged youthfulness.

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