Indian Culture inherits Peace of Mind and Spirituality

Indian Culture inherits Peace of Mind and Spirituality

Indian Culture inherits Peace of Mind and Spirituality. Image Courtesy – Feel Move Live

The world is so small in respect of Communication, Power, Technology, the Affluent Money Market, and much more. But at the same time, a graph of unrest is growing day-by-day. There are so many conflicts among the people of various countries and territories, even among various states of a country, that we feel ashamed of being human.

India, a land of spirituality can lead to the world a constant flow of peace and harmony through the holy sermons of its Sages. Thus meditation is necessary for every people on this earth. We can recall a few words of the Holy Mother Saradamoni Devi, “The mind naturally tends to evil; it is disinclined to good deeds. It was my habit to rise early in the morning and meditate. But once I failed to get up so early through indisposition. Such is the natural indolence of the mind that for several days after I was late in rising. Therefore you must be up and doing if you want to achieve anything good and great. When during my stay in the nahabat(a room intended for the temple music. The Holy Mother used to occupy it while staying in the Temple at Dakshineswar, I would see the silver moon reflected in the calm waters of the Ganga, I would tearfully pray to God: ‘O Lord, even in the moon there are stains. May my mind be absolutely spotless!’ ”

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Thus comes the way of practicing meditation to achieve a peaceful mind in this world of turmoil. We should focus our minds to achieve what we can do better for the people of modern society, where each and every human being is suffering from Tension, Depression, Frustration, Mental Trauma, fueling many more diseases. Indian culture has been showing the way to keep peace of mind and to make spiritual upliftment to the world.

The Holy Mother said, “Never fear, He is ever looking after you. Do His work and practice Sadhana. A little work daily drives away idle thoughts from the mind. A solitary and inactive life is liable to be troubled with idle thinking.”

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