Celestial bodies are not deprived of human emotion

Celestial bodies are not deprived of human emotion

Celestial bodies are not deprived of human emotion. Image Courtesy – http://byjus.com

In the outer space there are two celestial bodies namely the Sun & the Moon who are deeply related to human emotions, lifestyle and life forces. The impact of these celestial bodies can be seen in the practical instances of human life. It is believed that the offerings made for the other celestial bodies like Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn keeping the Sun & the Moon in the centre so that these universal carriers (Sun & Moon) may take it & deliver to the desired celestial bodies.

In the ‘Shivapurana’, chapter ‘Rudra Samhita’ verse 37, 38 – it is described in details that all the Gods, heavenly bodies including celestial bodies, spritis, ghosts, seven Sages, the Four Vedas etc. transformed themselves into human being to participate in the marriage ceremony of ‘Lord Shiva’ with ‘Devi Parvati’ as brides men (barati) This specific description confirms that all these Gods, planets, celestial bodies, the nature, the mountain have the human emotions and are not deprived of it.

Oxygen is one of the basic requirements for the human existence and plenty of it comes from plant kingdom. There are many trees which emit O2   for human beings and are worshipped in India with greet respect as they are most beneficial for the humans. Their benific nature associates them with God – they are ‘Pipal’, ‘Tulsi’, ‘Bel’ and ‘Banyan’.

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‘Pipal’ is associated with the prime Gods. “Ashwathha Sarvabrikshanam…” – Srimadbhagabad Geeta; Chapter 10, Verse 26.

‘Tulsi’ is associates with Lord Vishnu.
‘Bel’ is associated with Lord Shiva
‘Banyan’ is also associated with Lord Shiva

In the Vedic announcement “Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande”o degree, human faces depression and patients are put to severe illness. On the reverse, ‘Full Moon’ day (Purnima) when the moon is at 180o   degree, patients recover from illness and the sea becomes turbulent.

The menstruation cycle of women is also controlled by the moon cycle. Thus it can be safely concluded that the Moon is deeply associated with human emotions.

When we worship the Sun with offering of water (Surya Arghya) the cold colours of the spectrum are transformed into our body systems to produce and protect the life saving enzymes. It is not only the human emotions but also the human necessities which is catered by the Sun.

‘Indian Philosophy’ believes that there could be various forms one element that is ‘Manifestation of a single element that is ‘Supreme God’ into various heavenly celestial or earthly bodies – “Sarva Swarupe Sarveshe Sarva Shakti Samanwite” (Shree Shree Chandi). In this universe the entire specie available can be classified into three categories – Chemical, natural or organic forms. The essence of the Indian Philosophy lies in the fact that the Supreme power is a nuclei, capable of multiple formation on the basis of need.

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