Untimely Ceremonial Awakening of Goddess Durga

Untimely Ceremonial Awakening of Goddess Durga

Untimely Ceremonial Awakening of Goddess Durga. Image Courtesy – Pinterest

At the eleventh hour of the dark fortnight immediately preceding the bright fortnight of the month of ‘Ashwin’, Mahalaya ends. At the dawn of Mahalaya, we listen to enchantment of mantras from “Sri Sri Chandi” broadcasted by All India Radio.

During the morning, the solemn obligation of performing the obsequies rites in honour of one’s deceased father and forefathers by offering the ‘Sacrament of Food’ to the manes. Bright fortnight commences on the next day (otherwise days of Goddess) which is termed as ‘Navratri’. Ultimately ceremonial awakening of ‘Goddess Durga’ on the sixth lunar day immediately proceeding the tide of her autumnal worship takes place which was commenced during the “Treta Era” by the Avatar (Divine Incarnation) Sri Ramchandra, the eldest son of King Dasarath-Queen Kausallya of ‘Ayudh’ (Uttar Pradesh) kingdom.

This was performed in the seashore of ‘Rameshwaram’, southern part of India, by making the “Devi Durga” idol made of clay for the sake of killing the “Dasanan Ravana”, the king of Srilanka; which was continued worshipping till tenth day (Dasami). King Ravana was killed and the idol of “Durga” was immersed into the water.

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The untimely prayer to awaken the power –

“Om owing Ravanasya badharthaya Ramasya anugrahayacha |
Akaley brhmana bodho debyastayi kritah pura ||
Ahamapya Ashwiney shashtham sayanah bodhyami bai |
Shatrunapi cha sambodhya praptyam rajyam suralaye ||
Tashmadaham twam pratibodhayami bibhuti-rajya-pratipatti-hetoh |
Jathaiba Ramena hato dashasyastathaiba shatrum binipatayami ||”

Sri Ramchandra was born on 10-014439 B.C. at Ayudh(Uttar Pradesh). As per his zodiac, he was born in Ascendant Pisces, moon sign Cancer forming various combination of planets like ‘Jeeva Yoga’, ‘Avatar Yoga’, ‘Budhaditya Yoga’. Five planets were located in exaltation – Venus and Ketu in Pisces, Sun and Mercury in Aries, Moon and Jupiter in Cancer, Rahu in Virgo, Saturn in Libra while Mars in Capricorn. Moon governed its own house. Sri Ramchandra was ‘Kshatriya’, son of aryas. He was not ‘Brahmin’, but learnt deed of ‘Brahminship’ from ‘Saint Bishwamitra’.

Rashi Chart of Sri Ramchandra:

“Kadali darimi dhanyam haridra mankang Kachu
Billasoko jayanti cha bigneya Nabapatrika.”

Nabapatrika rituals. Image Courtesy – http://www.gettyimages.fr/

One of the sixth day, nine above mentioned trees are required for worshipping ‘Nabapatrika’. The next day, “Goddess Durga” was worshipped in seventh followed by eighth day, Sandhi worshipping, next ninth day and tenth day was ‘victory day’ when everyone touches the feet of Goddess, seniors of family and friends and have the sweets.

Sri Ramchandra’s wife was Sita, daughter of the King Janak of Mithila kingdom. Sita’s father hold a ceremony of lifting ‘Haradhanu’ where sons of different kingdom were invited for lifting the ‘Haradhanu’. Sita would be handed over to the Prince who would be able to lift the same for getting a happy wedded life with full of bliss.

Ravana attended the function, but could not lift the ‘Haradhanu’, and left the courtyard saying that he would get married to Sita by hook or crook. Afterwards, every princes failed to lift the ‘Haradhanu’ barring Sri Ramchandra who lifted the ‘Haradhanu at ease with the blessings of his master(guru); while all the princes became annoyed. As a result, it was decided for fixation of marriage of Sri Ramchandra with Sita.

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Sri Ramchandra had to face many hurdles throughout his life. They had to life in the forest for fourteen years when Ravana came in the disguise of a ‘Golden Deer’ and compelled Sita to cross the deadline (Lakshman Rekha) which was done by Ram’s brother Lakshman. Ravana picked up Sita and flew by ‘Pushpak Chariot Flight’ to reach Srilanka and kept her at ‘Ashoka Forest’ with tight security.

Meanwhile, Sri Ramchandra was assisted by the monkey soldiers, with their leaders Bally, Sugrib and others to fight against Ravana by assimilating the rock stones on the sea. Sugrib being an ambassador of Sri Ram, reached Ashoka forest and met Sita by showing the ‘Golden Ring’ given by her husband, Sri Ram for recognition and identity.

While returning back, Sugrib’s tail was fired by soldiers of Ravana with which Sugrib blazed the entire Sri Lanka Kingdom main gates. Next history was known to everyone that celebration of ‘victory’ on the last day (10th day – Vijaya Dasami). Sri Ramchandra handed over the Kingdom of Sri Lanka to Ravana’s brother, ‘Bivison’ who helped a lot to Sri Ramchandra and came back with Sita, Lakshman and others by ‘Pushpak Chariot Plane’ to Ayudh(Uttar Pradesh, India).

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Notwithstanding Ravana misleaded his life to fond of sex to women folk by which his immortality was diminished and entire power provided by the Goddesses was vanished and lost in war with Sri Ramchandra troops by inviting death of ‘ten heads’ on the 9th day of Aswin and his own head on the 10th day. It was heard that ‘Goddess Lankeswar’ was not even satisfied with the arrogant, characterless misbehaviour to women by Lankeshwar Ravana.

After the ‘Treta Era’, ‘Dwapar Era’ started, while this worshipping of “Goddess Durga” continued till the next ‘Kali Era’ (presently running during the month of Ashwin).

“Twang Swaha, Twang Swadha, Twang Hi Bashatkar Swaratmika |
Sudha Twamakshare Nitye Tridha Matratmika Sthita ||…”

Whenever Saints and Goddess were tortured by demons, they used to come before Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It is a matter of glory to monkeys who kept inside the core of heart ‘Ram-Sita-Lakshman’ and whenever any monkey dies that they utter ‘Hai Ram’. Even during the present century, most of the people keep in their pockets, bags or in home the two valuable texts – “Hanuman Chalisa” and “Srimad Bhagbad Gita” for enchantment of the shlokas inscribed in these religious scripts.

It is worth mentioning that out of 12 months, the first six months (Uttarayan) commencing from July (Sravana) to December (Pous) is the sleeping time of all the Goddesses and the next six months (Dakshinayan) commencing from January (Magh) to June (Aashad) is the awakening time for themselves.

Reference: New Age Purohit Darpan: Durga Puja

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