Significance of Zero(0) – explained Mathematically, Numerologically and Spiritually

Significance of zero(0) – explained Mathematically, Numerologically and Spiritually

Significance of zero (0) – an enlightened writing by Prof. Dr. Koosal Sen. Image Courtesy –

In the classical text of ‘Shree Shree Chandee’ within the chapter called ‘Shree debyarthasheersham’ all gods asked the deity Goddess Devi Durga, “what is your actual form of existence”? In response to that question, the deity replied that her mighty existence is there within even eternity or zero (0).
“Shunyanang Shunyasakshinee” Sloka 24, Shree Shree Chandee

Existence of zero in ancient India :

(i) Indian scholar Pingala in 200 BC used binary numbers, notation similar to Morse code. Where he used the Sanskrit word ‘shunya’ refer to zero (0).

(ii) The origin of the modern decimal based place value notation can be traced to the Indian mathematician & astronomer Aryabhatta in 100 BC which stated –
“Sthanat sthanam dasagunam syat”, which means from place to place each is 10 times the preceding.

(iii) Rules governing the use of zero appeared for the first time in “Brahmasputha Siddhanta” in 7th century. The text considers not only zero but (-ive) number.

Value of zero in mathematics :

(i) Zero is the integer immediately proceeding 1, an even number, which quantifies an amount of null size.

(ii) In elementary algebra zero (0) is identified as natural, complex, practical & as whole number.

(iii) In the evolution of zero (0) since the conception of human civilization the two forms to signify zero are – one is point (.) & other is circle (o) or zero.

(iv) The number zero (0) is neither +ive nor –ive, and appears in the middle of a number line, both –0 and +0 represent exactly the same number that is why there is no negative zero distinct from zero.

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Numerological significance :

Everything is created from zero and goes into oblivion i.e zero (0) only.

(i) If we write this number 123456789 for nine (9) times and add or multiply by nine (9) them we get 1111111101. Here Repeated occurrence of number one (1) indicates the Supreme Lord, reminds that, “I am the only one nobody else do exist”. Virtually, 23456789 these eight numbers are squeezed within 1111111101 or do exist in a finer form.

(ii) Again if we write, the number 1234565789 in the reverse direction (from descending order), we will get 987654321. Adding both of these sequence we get (123456789+987654321)=1111111110.Here the only existence of one (1) & zero (0) means universe or eternity & one (1) means God (creator).

(iii) This remains the whole concept of ‘Purnabrahma’ under the influence of whose will power this visible world is created from space or shunya (zero).

Spiritual significance :

(i) Zero is the point from which all the numbers originates symbolic of the seed, womb or egg from which pure potential emerges. Zero also visually resembles a circle, evolution & time.

(ii) Zero may also be interpreted as a void, non-existance & sometimes death or rebirth or another phase of life. This is an essence of reality, its everything and nothing at the same time.

(iii) In “yoga shastra” zero exists in between of our two eyebrows little above the ‘agnachakra’. In the theory of ‘zeroness’(Shunyabad) it is stated – “Shunyabhabena yunjeeyaat”, which means one must keep his mind free from any anxiety, restlessness during ‘Pranayam’.

The entire concept of zero is complex & full of endless adventure indeed. Lots of concepts are yet to be explored about “Shunya” or “Zero” (0).This reminds me the famous quotation of the world famous scientist, Sir Albert Einstein, “What we know is very little, what we are ignorant of is beyond our imagination”.

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